I will do spotify promotion for spotify music and make it go viral


This Gig organically promotes Spotify tracks! As a direct result, the activity will be lower than that of bot promotion services.

How and where do we promote your Spotify tracks?

We share all music collectively with their respective genres to our iFANm & ASA networks via email and websites. Please refer to the FAQ section to learn more about how we built our networks organically. We believe in quality over quantity, so we’re very selective as to whom we add to our network. Each recipient must confirm a real interest in underground music.

If your music is of higher quality, we may post it on our Instagram, Facebook and twitter pages. The goal is to help increase your activity so you become more attractive to “Spotify Curators.”

DISCLAIMER: Buying streamssavesplaylist placement, and monthly listeners is against Spotify’s terms and could get your account banned. We do not sell streamssavesplaylist placement, or monthly listeners. We offer real exposure to our growing networks to help increase the chances of getting the attention of Spotify curators.

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