I will crowdfunding campaign promotion, indiegogo,gofundme, kickstarter and drive donor

Hello there!!

Do you know through crowdfunding campaign, you can raise millions of dollars??

Have you been looking for a quick way to raise fund for your project or looking for a solution of some amount? if yes then you are welcome to the best marketer. I can create something unique and outstanding.

I am Lee, I will set up a compelling and successful crowdfunding campaign to fund your project/projects, business/businesses or charity…


It will be my pleasure to do an outstanding crowdfunding campaign, kickstarter, Gofundme, indiegogo and other fundraising platforms.


Is your campaign live and active? You need more donors for your campaign, you need more active people to donate for you and reach your targeting goal? then I can help.


  1. 100% satisfaction
  2. real backers and donors
  3. Excellent and fast delivery
  4. targeted audience

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All my packages doesn’t include me to create content!!

But if you require me to create content, it will be on an additional charges…

kindly message me now and let us get started

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