I will copywrite and optimized amazon SEO product description

Are you looking for copywriting, content writer expert for your amazon SEO product description copywriting, and amazon product listing optimization?

Congratulations! you’re in right place, we’ve been selling & working on AMZ for over 3 years. We’ll do highly optimized and relevant content which will give you a competitive edge with amazon product listings that cause you to stand out in the whole competition.

My KPL technique of product copywriting that will make your product discoverable & convertible are

✅ OPTIMIZED SEO Title that Attracts passionate buyers to click on the product.

✅ Description & 5 Optimized Bullet Points that index your product on A9 and

increase the click-through rate (CTR) on the search result

✅ Back-End Search Terms that Boost product Visibility will also optimize your

AMZ PPC campaign

✅ Audit of listing and optimization accordingly to the AMZ Browse Tree Guide

to get 20% free traffic from AMZ Browse search

✅ Add highly relevant Keywords having good SV. In-depth market

and Competitor Analysis.

✅ SEO optimization using Brand analytics & Helium10 to rank your product

organically, listing & boosting sales

Please message me before placing an order


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