I will compose ms excel formulas and functions

MS Excel formulas and functions are common but extremely useful tools to solve problems. Generating formulas and choosing useful functions is a talent. Now, it is totally up to a user, how he arranges and uses it to resolve the problems and take the finest outcome from Microsoft Excel.


My name is “Amin” and I specialize in Excel formulas and functions. I compose custom formulas to print required values and figure out functions for necessary calculations.

If you are concerned about your MS Excel problems and want expert solutions, don’t hesitate.

Just Order Now!!!


·        Simple MS Excel functions

·        Fixing of existing functions and formulas

·        Complex Excel formulas

·        Custome formulas

·        Fixing of existing Excel spreadsheets

·        Generating formulas from scratch

·        Fixing of Google sheets

·        Combine the use of formulas & functions

Even better, I take pride in

·        Customer satisfaction

·        Timely deliveries

·       Delivering quality work according to your expectations

Please, message me, if you have any custom requests for MS Excel formulas and functions.

Thank You,


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