I will write you any story you desire


I will write you any story which you desire. And really, I mean anything. It can have any theme even NSFW if you wanted it to be. If you are interested in what type of content I can supply for you, here is a “small” piece of work which I did for a diary entry for the play known as “An Inspector Calls”.

Dear Diary, today was the day I had enough, I plucked up the courage and asked Old man Birling for a pay raise stupid me, I should have known better. What everyone has been saying for years was true about Old man birling, he really was harsh like the bitterness of death, every time I took a glance at him, I could feel a rough cold shiver down my spine, like the grim reaper was just ready to take my soul, I knew it was true about the rumours but I fell into his trap and played his game like a joker and failed miserably.Marching furiously up to Old Man Birling, with the confidence of a lion, I asked him dead in the eye for a pay raise and for all women in the establishment to be treated with equality, instead of getting what I desired I got a laugh and a chuckle, His words were “You lower class are all scum”.

It can also be memes and “anime” style stories.

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