I will transfer an aged corp to you, any age, includes compliant articles of amendment

Our program can provide you with an Aged Corp, of which to build your business credit upon. Our clients have demanded these services, so we are now offering to the public!

Each of our Aged Corp deliveries will include:

  — The Approved Annual Reinstatement

  — The Approved and Stamped Articles of Amendment

  — As well as the Certificate of Good Standing

 — Lists YOU as the Owner of the Corp (or whomever you choose)

 — Immediately be shown on the Sec of State website – fast delivery

With an Aged Corp you can more easily obtain acknowledgement with Underwriters as they go to choose whether or not to approve you for business credit. We provide quick delivery so you can get launched into your business credit.

All of our Aged Corps are delivered in good standing by way of maintenance, reinstatement, or combination thereof.

With an Aged Corp you have the advantage of obtaining easier trade line approvals as well as eventual higher credit limits.

We are here to help every step of the way. Let us know if we can get YOU launched with YOUR very own Aged Corporation!

Michael and the Corpsolutions Team

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