hunt for an exclusive product for your dropshipping or amazon business

Amazon being the top marketplace for selling products, dropshipping and profiting tremendously. I will provide you with niche or non-niche products with high demands and low competition for your Amazon or Shopify Dropshipping business.


The main question is:


“How can i be a seller who will be making 20-30,000USD a month or in week through the advises you provide and products you give?”


My answer:


I have vast knowledge in Amazon selling and product research. Product hunt is really a fragile skill, any little fault makes your fba product be in the drain which equals to waste of money and resources. My researches are based on numbers, statistics and margins. All analyses are detailed with results that are well thorough.


My research includes:

•Product Choice based on Analysis

•Competitor analysis

•Niche Analysis

•Market Volume & Chances of Success


•Revenue Calculation


All results and analysis will be provided alongside pictures and other information. I can also do all necessary quality promotions to boost the products and catapult you to the top list of competitors in that niche.

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