I will register your trademark and search your registration


This Hourly includes my services in regards to register the application for one US trademark.

I shall

1. conduct availability search.

2. research and draft the specifications for filing.

3. prepare and file the application on your behalf.

Classes are used to categories various products and services in trademark applications. I advise on classes as part of the service and devise acceptable specifications of your register , registration or search.

The price does not include fees to the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). The official fee for filing one trademark in one class in the US is $250 payable to the IPO under the “Rights Start” scheme. Additional costs will be incurred for each additional class. This will be advised when we discuss the application in detail.

It is impossible for anyone to predict how the Registry and owners of existing trademarks will react to new applications. In the event of queries or objections to the register or registration of the trademark then these would cost extra to respond to. I shall give you a quote in case this happens.

I reserve the right to not proceed with making the application, if the search results indicates, 

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