I will register your business for shelf aged s or c corporation


you want to register your company for shelf or aged corp or want want to buy existing corps? This is the best gig to get it.

We have corps for sale in 25 states with good funding capability.

S Corp, C Corp, or LLC: Which One Is Right for Me?

Business goals aren’t one size fits all and neither is incorporating. When deciding which kind of corporation fits your business strategy, consider some of the different benefits that each kind offers. And take a deeper dive with the comparison chart linked below.

S Corporation:

Elimination of double taxation of income

Investment opportunities

Once-a-year tax filing

C Corporation:

Unlimited growth potential through the sale of stock

No limit on the number of shareholders

Tax-deductible business expenses

Limited Liability Company:


No residency requirement

Structure flexibility


  • Personal asset protection
  • Tax flexibility and incorporation tax benefits
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Brand protection
  • Perpetual existence
  • Deductible expenses

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