I will do amazon product research for pl, amazon product hunting

About This Gig



Product Hunting and Product Research entails a thorough examination of current market trends and the selection of the “appropriate” and “winning” products that can create significant revenue.




I specialize in Tracking AMAZING items in categories with LOW COMPETITION, where a new seller can compete!


Which Type Of Amazon FBA Product Research For PL I do?


Amazon Products and Keywords Research, Competitors and Variations Analysis, Product Validation, Suppliers’ Rates Report, Profit Margin Detailed Sheet.


 I am offering you the following services:

·        profitable product research

·         List of keywords

·        Competitors analysis

·        A Product Having a rating of 4.2

·        Top competitors BSR

·        Verified Supplier

·        Product with monthly revenue of $6000+

·        Product research for USA, UK, Aus, CA

·        Arranged pdf file will be provided

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