I will be your US lawyer on a trademark


Welcome to my gig!!!

Trademark lets you grow your brand nationally without the fear of anyone taking your name or stopping you from using your name. You get brand protection, exclusive rights to the mark, and can boost your business reputation.

You can go to any trademark attorney in the USA, but we hope you choose us.

Many “Cheap” Trademark Services is nothing more than a document prep service. Several are not even attorney-run. They can’t offer legal advice or guidance. They won’t be able to advise you if you should adopt or use a mark, or if you might be SUED for trademark infringement.

Over 70% of USPTO Trademark Applications result in an OFFICE ACTION. An office action is an official letter sent by the USPTO in which the examining attorney lists all the legal problems with your trademark.

I will:

Be your US lawyer on a trademark

Be your US licensed attorney. 

File your trademark in the USA. 

Be your US licensed trademark. 

File your trademark with the USPTO.

Register trademark.

Give legal advice.

We know that you’ve poured your heart and soul into your business and we love that.

Come when you’re ready to file your trademark.

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