I will be your canva pro designer to design anything in canva editable

Favorite0I’ve been using the Canva platform to design different fields for a long time. Using Canva, I can create anything in any dimension. With my creative vision in mind, I am an experienced Canva designer. My designs will be editable in Canva. This means that you can edit the art whenever you want. For your project, I […]

I will be your online math expert tutor

Favorite0Greetings, children! You will now be able to learn math online. Do you want to provide your children with a learning environment at home? Mathematics is an easy subject to learn. Once you understand the basics, you only have to practice problem solving and exercises regularly! In this course, you’ll learn more than just how to […]

I will do amazon patent search, patent check and trademark check for your product

Favorite0If you have an idea, invention, or Amazon/Ecommerce product, I will check patent databases in relevant countries including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and India. Why should a patent be checked? Your products must not be patented by your competitors in order to sell them on Amazon. If they already are patented, you could find yourself […]