I will make game character animations with high quality

I will create realistic, high-quality animations for your 3D Characters. The Process: Send me a detailed description, or a video, of how you want your animations. Send me your character FBX file, including their skeleton. I’ll make the animations and ask if it needs revising. The character with the animation within an FBX file will […]

I will do web scraping for any website

What this service offers: Web-scraping with any given website. I can scrape everything on the page, or just specified information. What you will receive in return: A file with web-scraped information, in user requested Excel or raw text format. Have you ever wanted to have a dataset, or incorporate a website’s data for your own […]

I will provide a video watching script to make money online

REQUIREMENTS: Use Referral link https://earnably.com/i/JackSky to sign up. Have Chrome, sign up with a google email account on https://dessertninja.me/. What this service offers: Opens 20 Tabs, Plays Videos, and Separates Them (This is annoying to do by yourself). Periodically, you can go through the tabs, and continue the videos What you will receive in return: […]