Create irresistible ad copy for your facebook ad

I am Top_sales. I am Expert in Digital Marketer. I love Creating Facebook ad campaigns so I decided to offer my expertise to others. I have complete 300+ work. I will set up Facebook ads for your business. I can create campaigns for your own products. I will be your Facebook ads manager I Will: Research audience & […]

Do organic youtube video promotion

Welcome to the 100% organic YouTube video pro-motion service. I will be pro-moting the video to get best results, so that you can get more engagements & exposure. How I am Doing the Pr–omotion? – I will use different Advertising Platforms (Outbrain & Taboola) and will launch campaigns such as PPC, V-ideo Ads, so that v-ideo gets […]

Set up autoresponder follow up email campaign

An expertly written email by a copywriter will give your words the punch they need to make sales for you. When you send these words out, they will come back bearing gifts -money, signups, leads, conversion, subscription, payment for goods and services. This  gig will help you create and deliver HIGHLY CONVERTING  EMAIL AUTORESPONDER that will: Convert VISITORS to  LEADS Convert LEADS to […]

Do viral email marketing campaign

Hello you are highly welcome value buyer Are you in need of someone to handle your EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN? I’m an expert in EMAIL MARKETING AND MARKETING CAMPAIGNS with a lot of expertise and creativity.  I will utilize my showcasing systems to send messages to prospects and clients; convert prospects to clients   WHAT TO EXPECT IN THIS GIG; […]

Click funnel sales funnel klaviyo to boost ROI

Are you Ready in making your BUSINESS TREND IN THIS JANUARY? With my gig, KLAVIYO MARKETING, SALES FUNNEL, CLICKFUNNEL SALES FUNNEL, SHOPIFY SALES for SHOPIFY STORE! It only requires little but detailed awareness to have 100’s of SALES in ques for your ONLINE STORE. Hi, my name is Top_sales. I have over five years of well-studied experience as a SALES […]

Do shopify marketing ecommerce marketing

     E-COMMERCE MARKETING!!! SHOPIFY MARKETING!!! E-COMMERCE PROMOTIONS!!! Are you looking for a way to create awareness for your new E-COMMERCE STORE???  OR you are looking for the way forward on how to make your existing ONLINE STORE to get more awareness and traffic? you are at the right Gig to provide you answers. To generate Niche Targeted Traffic & […]

Set up klaviyo sales funnel, email marketing

SALES FUNNEL!  KLAVIYO SALES FUNNEL!! ECOMMERCE MARKETING!!! How are you today?You are in the right place if you are an online store owner or you are into ecommerce business. I have the right skills and plans to present your goods/products to the right audience.Every store owner wants to get maximum ROI and that’s what my […]