I will offer top class market research

I am an experienced accountant, financial analyst, and business researcher. I am skilled at scaling business with comprehensive market research and strategy. my background makes me an ideal candidate for all your business needs. My business research and analysis focues on Competitor research Internal business environment using strategic frmeworks such as VRIN, value chain analysis, […]

I will business case studies, projects and proposals

Hello, welcome to my gig. I offer excellent case studies using the following format: Executive Summary and or Abstract Identification of problem/strategic issue Situational Analysis Analysis of Alternatives Recommendation Implementation action and evaluation Financial analysis section I ensure that my services are Well researched Meet all the requirements professionally formatted, cited, and referenced Excellent grammar […]

I will help in management, business, marketing proposal and projects

About This Gig I specialize in research and proposals, data collection, entry, analysis, and interpretation, and business writings. My services entails writing from scratch and proofreading/editing. Therefore, I will cater for all your research needs. I’ve made my Gig as basic as possible and I offer for up to 10000 words package for $10 for […]

financial accounting and finance management

All type of works fall under this category: such as advisory, game coaching, team building virtually, writing reports, voice overs An expert in matters in regard to Business Consulting with CPA, MBA, BCOM and CIFA. Market Research Accounting Finance Management SWOT Analysis Business Plans Strategic Management Human Resource Management Operation Research and Quality Management Bank […]

Help in business, finance, accounting, and marketing research

Hello I offer professional, quality, and timely  help in business, finance, accounting, marketing, and supply chain research projects and proposals. I have three years experience in tackling business related tasks in finance, accounting, marketing, human resource, law, etc. I am proficient in the following areas: Research projects Proposals Reports Proofreading and editing. Ethics and human resource […]