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Hello, It’s an honour to have you take time to read through my Gig Description. This is simply a 3-package gig that is simply focused on giving you the OPTIMAL RESULTS on your Shopify store – be it, Dropshipping, Single or Multi Products, Digital, and Services Stores; I have the perfect EVERGREEN STRATEGIES for each and everyone. Not to worry, the smile is sure […]

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SALES FUNNEL ! SALES FUNNEL!! SALES FUNNEL!!! Looking for a way to retain traffic to your website? Because it is is obvious that not all traffic that lands on the website actually take action immediately. That’s is why you need Klaviyo/Shopify sales funnel. I will help you design converting automated flows that will keep back […]

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Do you have a Store, Facebook Business Page or Shop with some insights but Little-to-Zero Sales? It’s quite easy to fall into the deceit of Massive Followers and Post Engagements but, when not done as it ought to be, those are the only things you will ever get to record. I believe you’ve tried everything humanly possible to get the results you desire but […]

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Are you interested in converting your Shopify Traffic into Shopify Sales? or Having someone professional who can treat your business as his own, making possible for you to have your ROI? Or maybe you are just getting started and you want someone to get you right on the TRACK. Either way, contact me and let’s discuss better. During the last 4 […]

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When it comes to building websites for your business with so many options to choose from, sometimes it’s so overwhelming that you are tempted to just purchase from the first website you go to. If you’re not tech savvy and you want your own e-commerce store, and have outgrown marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, and […]

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ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A MARKETING MASTER THAT WILL DRIVE SALES, SALES TRAFFIC, SALES CUSTOMER, ACTIVE CUSTOMER, AND THE MOST IMPORTANT RETURNING CUSTOMER TO YOUR  STORE? Allow me to help save you thousands and prevent mistakes on failed products and strategies that will only hurt your wallet, waste your time and cause you stress.  Then […]