I will develop crypto mining software,bitcoin mining bot,forex trading bot

3+ I WILL DEVELOP CRYPTO MINING SOFTWARE,BITCOIN  MINING  BOT,FOREX TRADING BOT I have specialized in BOT, web automation in combination with backend SQL, Socket, API and injection level bot development for the last 5 years (16 year’s automation development total) building complex bots that complete a wide range of complex tasks saving on an inconceivable […]

I will be your mobile app developer for mobile app development

0 I WILL BE MOBILE APP DEVELOPER FOR YOUR ANDROID AND IOS APP AND MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT I have experience working as a Software Architect since 2014, with expertise in full life-cycle application design, development, and production. Experienced with a wide range of SDKs and features, I also have a solid understanding of what it […]

I will develop wallet app, cryptocurrency exchange app, blockchain app

0 I will develop  wallet app, cryptocurrency exchange app, blockchain app Cryptocurrencies differ from traditional currencies in a number of ways, the most obvious being that they are an electronic form of currency. In addition, they aren’t backed by any physical commodity or by a central agency, such as the government. Anyone can gain access […]

I will do social media app, video chat app, online dating app, social network app

0 I WILL DEVELOP  DATING  APP, VIDEO CHAT APP , ONLINE CHAT APP ,SOCIAL MEDIA  APP , LIVE CHAT  I work as a Senior iOS & Android developer, I have a keen interest in developing webRTC, Social media app and live streaming applications, I worked on many live chat, messaging, and video streaming projects. And […]