I will do professional pinterest marketing for sales boosting for any ecommerce store

0 Welcome To my Gig Description. Pinterest is a social media platform that enables and supports free and organic traffic of over 250 million monthly viewers of your product Pin and Board. It’s a frustrating long game and terribly overwhelming especially if don’t keep up with all the latest updates and new marketing trends on the platform. I am […]

I will create social media ads content and responsive email campaign content

1+ Hi WELCOME TO MY GIG DESCRIPTION!!! I am JOYCE, It’s a pleasure to have you here. Content has the greater part of the Advertisement and also it is the only means to get the clear picture of Ads, My specialties include well-researched content that will engage your audience, as well as marketing content that uses the right SEO keywords to […]

I will be your pinterest pin marketing manager for shopify store business ecommerce

2+ PINTEREST MARKETING MANAGEMENT FOR YOUR BUSINESS HelloDo you want to promote an idea, product or business through pinterest?Whether you are just starting or not, You are in the right place and at the right time. P:nterest works well as search engines and social networks. It is a source of passive traffic to your website, […]

I will write seo optimized product description for shopify, amazon, woocomerce

2+ Original, creative, convertible, and irresistible product descriptions that attract and retain visitors. Great product descriptions don’t just tell customers what you are selling – they give them the courage to make a purchase. Isn’t it worth investing in a copy that will close the deal? If you want to improve your conversion rates and […]

I will do 6 figure shopify dropshipping product research

1+ ONE OF THE SECERET TO SUCCESSFUL DROPSHIPPING IS SELLING WINNING AND TRENDING PRODUCT Are you looking for the best and profitable product to sell as a dropshipper?Have you invest in many product but it is a failure?Are you aspiring to make 6-7 figure a month with your dropshipping store?Yes? I know your pain and […]

I will do detailed targeted spotify music promotion base on your music genres

1+ Music brings harmony to the world, Without music, life would not be fair. Bring music to life and let me make your Music Speak today!    Purchase this GIG today and get the chance to reach more music lovers worldwide. My Spotify service aim is to broaden the range of your music BEYOND your […]

I will do roi sales boosting shopify promotion, shopify marketing for sales conversion

1+ Increase your chance of exposure to my outstanding skills. Your store may look great and dynamic but might not experience good conversion or ROI, and here you will get the solution. I will do complete social media marketing (Facebook marketing, twitter marketing, Instagram marketing, and Pinterest marketing) for your store. The marketing will include […]