I will create master video for crowdfunding campaign kickstarter, fundfundraising

Favorite0HELLO INCREDIBLE BUYER’S!!! YOU ARE PLEASENTLY WELCOME TO MY GIG!!! NOTE:: Please contact me first to check my availability! Looking to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign? Whether you’re using Kickstarter, gofundme ,fundraising or another platform, you’ll need a crowdfunding video to reach your goals. I will create a well explanatory and converting video in 1080p […]

I will review and adjust your crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter and other platform

Favorite0Hello Supreme Buyer’s!! You Are Highly Welcome To my Gig!!! Have you ever notice that over 5000 crowdfunding campaign popup on every fundraising platforms like: kickstarter, gofundme, indiegogo, fundly, crowdweb fundraising with different ideas and projects but only halves of this project get fund and reach their funding limits and expectations. Having a great idea […]

I will create an amazing crowdfunding campaign for kickstater,gofundme,fundraising

Favorite0Hello Amazing buyer’s!!! You are Highly Welcome To My Gig!!!! Let Talk of crowdfunding campaigns!!! What a fundraising campaign?? A fundraiser campaign is a campaign created or setup in a way to bring the ideas of any individuals,companies, businessmen’s, group of ideologist and also an existing organizations into a reality by setting up a fundraising […]

I will viral promote crowdfunding campaign and generate list of backers

Favorite0HELLO SUPER UNIQUE BUYER’S!! YOU ARE HIGHLY WELCOME TO MY GIG!!! <<I WILL VIRAL PROMOTE CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN AND GENERATE LIST OF BACKER’S>> Promoting and exposure is a great deal for all crowdfunding project if its done in the right way, to the right audience, it is a major key for all crowdfunding campaign. I know […]

I will write an high converting SEO pitch for your crowdfunding campaign

Favorite0HELLO FANTABULOUS BUYER’S!!! YOU ARE PLEASENTLY WELCOME TO MY GIG!!! Are you looking for a professional that can perfectly help you write aan igh converting SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION CONTENT TO START YOUR SUCCESSFUL KICKSTARTER GOFUNDME INDIEGOGO CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN??? If your answer is yes then you are at the right gig and at the right trustworthy person. Am […]