I will setup email html mailchimp campaign list shopify klaviyo sales funnel

0 EMAIL MARKETINGEmail marketing is simply a way of showcasing and advertising your goods and services or business through the use of an electronic messages in order to convince customers to buy or request for your services. The main goal of email marketing is to  Drive and maintain traffic your store Generate sales Maintain engagement […]

I will design a shopify landing page, squeeze product and sales page

0  WELCOME TO MY GIG  Here is the best place you can get a well captivating irresistible sales converting landing page for your shopify store. I will help design a well captivating landing page, product page, sales page, squeeze page to welcome visitors and showcase some of your product to attract visitors to convert sales. This […]

I will generate organic email lists of specified locations and blast campaigns

0  EMAIL LIST, EMAIL CAMPAIGN BLAST, NEWSLETTER.Hello…Welcome to my gig.List generation is a feature of email marketing that deals with the generation of email lists of a  targeted audienceBlasting of campaign is the sending of a short one-time message which will be showcasing all about the product or service to render in order to convince […]

I will do organic twitch promotion guarantee you twitch affiliate

0 Hi, welcome to my twitch channel promotion gig. TWITCH CHANNEL PROMOTION, TWITCH ACTIVE LIVE VIEWERS AND FOLLOWERS, TWITCH AFFILIATE, TWITCH PARTNER, TWITCH AVERAGE VIEWS. My name is Annie, i’m a professional digital marketer with successful years of experience working with individuals and organisations making their project 100% perfect, Twitch is an online site that allows […]

I will design captivating shopify dropshipping store ecommerce website printify store

0 SHOPIFY STORE DESIGN SHOPIFY ONE PRODUCT STORE SHOPIFY PRINT ON DEMAND Everyone aspire to get consistent sales on there shopify store but not everyone will get it because part of the steps to sales is store design. This aspect can easily be skipped but it determines your revenue during marketing. The steps i will […]