I will setup sales conversion email marketing drip campaign for your business

Congratulations! You have just reached the Gig to boost your CONVERSION.

Some people do ask, ‘ what is a DRIP CAMPAIGN?’

A drip campaign is a great lead nurturing program or strategy for getting a high conversion rate on business. It is an automated or manual campaign series that is setup and implemented over a long period of time (Not a one-time campaign). Many companies get 50% ROI with this strategy, so far it is well setup and targeted with the right audience.

I will set a Drip Campaign series for you, Targeting the right Audience and Implementing the Flows Below.

  • Audience or customer segmentation.
  • Send an email with triggers.
  • Create irresistible subject lines.
  • Determine your email sequence.
  • Determine the frequency of each campaign.

All these flows I listed are the main and the guaranteed flows which have worked for many companies and which I also believe would work for you so far you cooperate and provide all the necessary requirements.


Best wishes,


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