I will send your song to 11000 radio stations,college radio ,USA radio lists

Hello sir/ma
If you want to get your music played on radio, you NEED to get it heard by the people who control the airwaves, MUSIC DIRECTORS.
I have a database and associations with more than 11000 music chiefs and DJs at school/non-business radio far and wide. I will send a custom email to these individuals with your music and data about yourself/band and a depiction of the tune.
        Advantages OF THE GIG

Just intrigued radio’s will play your track

100% fulfillment ensured

You will have additional rundown of our Radio Data Base beginning from standard bundle

Will Provide You Screenshot Proofs On Delivery

✓Exclusively on fiverr

Note: Because music executives and DJs have the last say on what they play, I can’t ensure radio twists

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