I will send bulk emails, email blast, email campaign


For every $5, i will send 2500 emails for you.

Complete report and concrete evidence will be provided, once the campaign is successfully sent.

The report will content the following:

Delivery rate

Open rate

Bounce rate

Unsubscribe rate

100% inbox rate without spam is guarantee so far your mailer list is clean.

If you have purchased list, cleaning service is available to enable the smooth mailing of your list without our STMP getting blocked.

For buyers, who require regular mailing services and bulk volume, feel free to contact me for discount rate.


1. Rotational IP’s

2. Details reports for every and each campaign sent will be available on a daily basis.

3. Inbox rate of 100% is guarantee so far your mail lists are clean.

4. Customers mail addresses are usually added for them to get the sample of what is been send to their mail lists.

5. I take care of IP’s and follow up the health status of IP’s to enable best inbox delivery.

I am new to Fiverr, but not new to the eCommerce industry.

Note: I do not accept any gambling, adult related or scam scripts contents.

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