I will run and manage instagram and facebook ads


I will help Clients achieve their objectives in the most efficient way possible.

These are a few point briefs of my skills.

I will:

·        Run Ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

·        A/B test Audiences, Creatives, Copies, Placements, Delivery etc.,

·        Analyze the data from the Ad campaigns and take suitable action to optimize Ads and get the desired results.

·        Retarget potential customers who need a little more push or more reassurance to convert into buying customers.

·        Also run ads for past customers with exclusive Offer Ads as a part of Reactivation and has more potential for conversion on the first touch point.

·        Create a Detailed Summary and Breakdown Reports for the Ads I’ve run and managed.

·        Provide Setup assistance for Business Manager, Ad account, Pixel etc., for free with all orders for new advertisers.

·        That’s not all, but whatever your requirement is, drop message and we can discuss it right away…

If you can’t find any package that would meet your requirements, I can make a Custom Offer tailored to your needs.

If you have any other issues Check out the GalleryFAQ section or Contact me for more info.

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