I will do niche targeted email list, collect email addresses for your business


This gig will provide you targeted email lists of any business or Country niche you need.

If any business person or company wants to start to advertise their own company products or something, then the email list is the best way. By sending the email to the targeted audience they can advertise their products easily and it’s a money-saving way and more effective.

I will collect any email lists from your any targeted location you need by using Google, tools, Extensions, and website. I will provide an email list in Microsoft Excel.

My collection services

  • Email list from any social media platform(Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Any niche-based active Email Phone Number Address list (doctors, car owners) etc
  • Country or location based targeted Email Phone Number Address list (USA, CA, UK, AU, etc)
  • Business or personal email addresses
  • Niche or #product targeted Email, Phone Number, Address lists
  • Keyword targeted Emails, Phone Number, Address List
  • Domain-based valid email collection (such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc)
  • USA Email List and lots more

Feel free to contact me for more information!!!

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