I will design high converting landing page for ecommerce stores

Hello, Do you know the IMPORTANCE of a LANDING PAGE DESIGN?

Landing pages are an essential part of the user journey and have an important role to fulfill by stimulating a predetermined conversion. With consideration and investment, they can be the powerhouses of your E-COMMERCE strategy.

What is a landing page?

The landing page is the digital version of the direct marketing letter, highly targeted and focused on one specific outcome. The aim of the landing page is to stimulate a predetermined action using targeted copy to connect with a user and persuade them to act.

Landing pages can be constructed for SEO purposes to capture organic search traffic. They can also be used with paid advertising through search engines or social media.

Landing pages are unique in building email list and run an effective email marketing campaigns.

Unique Features of a LANDING PAGE

  • Is about the conversion of a predetermined action
  • Is specific and focused on one objective
  • Has limited navigation options
  • Like a leaflet insert for a special offer
  • High commercial intent 

The main two types of landing pages are:

  • Lead generation landing page
  • Clickthrough landing page

let get started!

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