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Fix WordPress Hacked Website And Clean Malware Virus

Fix WordPress Hacked Website And Clean Malware Virus

WordPress hacking is a very common problem due to massive use of 3rd party plugins and security loopholes. I will fix your hacked WordPress website or hacked WordPress blog and secure in less than 24 hours.

Fixing Hacked Website And remove Malware

Fix hacked WordPress websites.
Scan and remove all malware or malicious codes
Remove “This site may be hacked.” message from google search
Remove malware notification from google (red screen)
Remove Google warning & G00gle Blacklist
Redirecting pages to other sites don’t worry we have solution
Phishing notice

What type of Security I will do.

User Accounts Security
Firewall Functionality
User Login Security
User Registration Security
Database Security
File System Security
Blacklist Functionality
Brute force login attack prevention
Comment SPAM Security
Front-end Text Copy Protection
SSL installation (If you have SSL license)

Why my gig

Fiverr level 2 seller
6 Year Professional Development Experience
Professional Service at Lowest Cost
Full Support and Consultancy.
Faster Turn Around
24 hours express delivery
100% money back guarantee

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Fix hacked WordPress website and remove malware


Nowadays more and more websites are being hacked, and it often leaves the owner with a site injected malicious code which redirects the visitor to another site and or causes you to be blacklisted by Google.

Having an infection on your site can affect your work, finance, and reputation. You will lose more visitor, your site will also be removed completely from the search if you have been blacklisted by Google.

I will find and remove any malware from your site, I’ll also provide a scan to show the site is clean, provide a backup of the clean site and re-submit your site to Google for review (if it has been blacklisted).

What this gig includes:
Block all malware from exploiting the plugins Vulnerability.
Malicious code detection and removal.
Patch wp-login to block Brute-Force attacks.
Run a Scan of your website.
Update all plugins and WordPress to the latest Version.
Add security to your site to block the hacker from getting in.
Add Backup to your site

Place an Order now and in meanwhile, you can lay back and take a rest. I’ll fix the problem for you.

I provide 100% Money back guarantee. My job is not done if you are not satisfied with the work.

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