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Professionally proofread and edit 1,000 words in English

I will PROOFREAD and EDIT 1000 words for grammar, punctuation, and spelling using my professional skills in proof reading and editing.

My proofreading and editing service includes:

1.Full grammar, punctuation, and spelling checks
2.Tense issues
3.Rephrasing occasional poor sentence structure
6.Brevity checks
7.Copy editing
8.Microsoft Word Track Changes as standard

All of this will be delivered back to you, clean and polished, within 24 hours! I always deliver on-time and often ahead of schedule.


Have a question? I am super responsive.

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Write 800 word article within 24 hours

Do you want a catchy article that will drive huge traffic to your blog or website?

I offer to write:
A Unique content,
Search engine optimized (SEO)
Original content ( 100% copyscape pass)
Quality content, and
Very fast and on time delivery.

My articles will not only drive huge traffic to your site, it will also:
It will be persuasive enough to generate over 30% conversion rate.
I guarantee my article will accomplish the objective behind your offer.
Place your ORDER now, so that I can put ink on paper, and deliver to your inbox a top notch article.

Oct 16, 2016

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Write 600 words of quality SEO optimized real estate articles


I am a professional writer and Blogger with 3 years of experience worked for three top real estate companies in America so I have a lot to offer when it comes to Real estate.

Shoot up your Traffic
Profound keyword research
Unique and Original Content
Plagiarism Checked and pass
Complete ownership of work

Just give me your

Target keyword

and let me do the rest
Please contact me before you order

It's only fair to share...