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Proof read your documents in english


If you employ my services, you get my services –
Editing novels and books to the highest standard require a great amount of skill and education.
My goal is to make your paper, email or document shine!
My proofreading and editing service covers an array of documents, including:
E-books (fiction or non-fiction)
Academic essays
Blog posts
Cover letters
E-mails (personal or business)
Short stories
Technical documents

The size of your document is not an issue; I consistently edit documents ranging from 1,250 words to 100,000 words each week.

Included in my proofreading/editing service:
Full grammar, punctuation, and spelling checks
Tense issues
Rephrasing occasional poor sentence structure
Microsoft Word Track Changes as standard

I do not accept:
Excessively broken English

If you have any requirements contact me.
Please note: This gig if solely for proofreading and not rewriting

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Proofread and edit 5,000 words within 24 hours

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Need a paper looked over before submitting it, or a blog post checked before posting? Simply order this gig, and I will professionally proofread and edit any document up to 5,000 words within 24 hours.

With a keen eye for detail, I am highly capable of Proofreading any content to a high English standard.

– Reports
– Essays
– Web Content
– Business Documents
– Research papers and much more

This Gig is for proofreading any content of your choices up to a maximum of 5,000 words

For longer, complex texts or ones that require heavy editing or significant rewrite, please contact me for an individual quote. If your job is urgent, a reduced delivery time (minimum 3 hours) may be possible on request. If you struggle with grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure in English and need your documents or any other content proofread and formatted correctly, then contact me, and I will thoroughly proofread any document.

For any inquiries, send me a message. I am super responsive and well disposed. I will dependably do my best to oblige your requirements.

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