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I will be your expert social media manager,social media marketer


Are you looking for a professional social media marketer and manager who can help you to market and manage your SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT/PAGE successfully? If yes, I congratulate you because you are at the right and professional social media marketer and manager. 

 With my great skills and experience, I will manage the following account.

 * Facebook


 * Increase brand exposure
 * Build customer loyalty
 * Generate leads
 * Boost/improve sales
 * Gain insight about your customers
 * Higher conversion rate

 * Have so many years of experience
 * 100% satisfaction
 * Obedient and trustworthy
 * Bonuses



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I will do shopify email marketing, email flows, converting shopify email design

In today’s digital world, email marketing is one of the most powerful tools you can use. Digital marketing can empower your marketing and increase sales.

Email marketing automation is a powerful customer retention tool for online retailers. The trouble is, many companies don’t know which automated email campaigns are worth prioritizing and testing

I will deliver an outstanding, customer-written email series that you can use in your email marketing no matter what email program you’re using. 

A perfect sales funnel strategy exclusive for your Shopify store. Turn your traffic into real customers!

Complete Converting automation Which offers the following automation for Your Shopify Store Which you should never miss:

1. Email CRM Shopify integration by shop sync
2. Abandoned cart email Flows
3. Shopify pop up 
4. Welcome email automation
5. Customer Winback And many more…

The premise behind email marketing is that you as a business owner build a list of clients, customers, prospects, and subscribers who want to hear from you. Plus, email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your audience, increase brand exposure, continue to deliver value, and cement your authority status

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Create and design a converting shopify dropshipping store

About This Gig

I am a professional Shopify Store Designer and Marketing Expert I’m here to help you launching your dropshipping store quickly and easily, I have techniques and strategies i used for my buyers to build a well developed and professional store, I am here to used this techniques and strategies for you too, so you will get exactly what you need to achieve those RESULTS!

✔  I’ve been in Shopify dropshipping for over three years

✔  I Run Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores of my self that is generating me sales 
✔  Beginner-friendly work model
✔  Quality work guaranteed

✔  100% Customer Satisfaction
✔  I am painstaking in handling project, so every store I create, I do it as if is my very own
What will you receive?

✔ Complete Branded Shopify store
✔ Responsive mobile and desktop design
✔ A professional and clean logo
✔ Automated order fulfillment
✔ Best converting apps to compliment your store
✔ Aliexpress product imports
✔ Satisfaction guaranteed
✔ 24/7 Availability Shopify Store Designer and Marketing Expert
   Best Regards 
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Do shopify promotion, shopify traffic,shopify marketing and sales

About This Gig



I am an expert in eCommerce, Shopify marketing, and even promoting the store to the right targeted audience combined with genuine traffics, with years of experience in this particular niche I can assure you best and outstanding result as an end result,

About This Gig
What I start with is brand improvement in light of the fact that without that, later on when you need money the most, you probably won’t make deals. Why? Since Market place changes and buyers conduct additionally changes. It has influenced my own store once previously and now I have discovered that so none of my customers must experience that sort of hardship.
NOTE: I won’t ensure deals however I will place in everything necessary.
Deals Funnel Marketing
Klaviyo Workflow Automation
Instagram Promotion Ads Set up
List Building
Email Marketing Campaign
Diagram Markup
Shopify Traffic
Product Research
Facebook Ads Set Up
Shopify Description

Social Proofs

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Do shopify traffic,shopify promotion,shopify marketing to boost sales


Are you looking for a way to increase visitors, not only visitors but ORGANIC TRAFFIC to your existing or new SHOPIFY STORE, and want it to go viral to your targeted niche?.

Marketing strategy to use for your store and site promotion.

What are you waiting for?, let me handle your SHOPIFY Marketing now and your SHOPIFY STORE go Viral.

Sending  Out Campaign About Your Store To  Real Online Shopper  Email List

Prom.oting Your Store Link And Your Products To The Targeted Niche On Blog Posting,forum

Make A Viral Social Media Prom.otion

Creating Brand Awareness For Your Store

Hot  SEO For Your Products

Prom oting With Targeted Hashtag  On Social Media

FAcebooks Traffic Ads  On Facebook And Instagram that get conversion

NOTE: Contact me now and let me handle your SHOPIFY  Marketing for your SHOPIFY STORE.

Warm regards

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Do views magnetic youtube channel, video promotion

You just Made a Safe Landing to the right Gig!

Obviously i do promote Youtube channels and Videos Mainly for more Exposure and Active Engagement with Targeted Users and Followers.
You diont have to look around gentlement, I will PERMANENTLY POST, PROMOTE, DISCUSS AND ADVERTISE YOUR CHANNEL to the right Audience, To Attract their Interest!.

In this format..


  • Social media Pr0motion
  • Blog pr0motion
  • Forum Sharing
  • Video Back link.

Why Its Always Cool Working with me…
✔ I will get more Audience talking about your Video
✔ I Target the right Community Dealing with your Niche and Area of Interest!
✔ Permanent Post guaranteed so you are getting Steady Streams of Visitors
✔ I offer Custom Marketing Strategy to Bring your Desired Results in VIEWS AND SUBS [ Contact me for this! ]
NEED A CUSTOM REQUEST OR PROJECT  — [ MESSAGE ME ] FOUND ANOTHER $5 GIG SELLER?? –—-  [ Drop me one of these 👉💗👈 before you go! ]

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Get the best listing service for a higher ranking on all search engines!!

I will provide you with 15 high PR local citation service for your website.

I perform the hands-on part of work when it comes to setting up your Online Brand for more visibility in reputable local directories. The whole work is done in a manual way, ensuring that your URL is seen on top local directories. All you need to do is contact me and I will deliver the services to you. This will ensure that your barns details and other information are included in the entry designed. Specialization is letting me, a professional, do the work for you as you focus on other roles in building your brand. This will eliminate the possibilities of errors occurring in a given entry in the local directories. The last thing you want is to give your clients a negative impression of your brand. My professional expertise will ensure that your online business grows with massive traffic and several seamless benefits.

How do you submit to these local directories?

You might be curious about how I get the work done, the trick is getting it done 100% manually. This will be ensured by my experience and expertise together with a wide range of skills that will get your business popular on high-end PR local directories.

*Here’s a breakdown of the process I commence by selecting a local directory or a number of them which are relevant for your business. 

I create a unique email account that will be used for the submissions.

Your business will be checked in the directories if it’s already listed or not. If already listed, I will check for a directory where it isn’t.

I then upload your brand details as sent by you. The next step is checking on verification emails.

After the listing is approved, the profile URL is grabbed and compiled in a report. If not, the login information for that directory is provided in a report, allowing for checking on the listing at a later date.

The full Report is then sent out to you

What happens when your business is already listed on a local directory?

If your business is already listed on a local directory, I will first check if it is accurate. If so, then I will find a new high PR directory to list your business. In other words, I will always strive to deliver to you fresh submissions as promised in my service packages, by finding you replacement directories if the usual directories I submit to already have your business listing.

What kind of business information is submitted to these local directories? 

I submit the following details about your business as received from you.


Keywords or tags


Number of Employees

Business Name

Operating Hours

Year Founded

Owner’s Name

Full Address

Phone & Fax

Business Email

Link to Video

Social Media Links (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Business logo


List of directories (If you want to provide your own list)

Do you guarantee that your submissions will result in live listings?

The majority of my listings will be on auto-approve directories. However, when directories only accept approved listings, I sincerely cannot fully guarantee that your submission will result in a listing. What I can assure you is that my work is greatly recommended by those I have worked for and they can surely show how good it is.

How do I verify my listings?

You will receive a complete and comprehensive report once your order is complete. In the case that a particular directory is an auto-approve directory, your profile URL will be included in the report. If a directory manually approves listings, you will get login information which gives you the freedom to monitor the performance of your listing.

How do I choose local directories to submit to? 

There are a number of factors that are considered when I select my directory database. For one, I look for a directory that has a reputation as a high PR directory.

Secondly, I go for one that will guarantee huge traffic to your business; since traffic is the backbone of any online business. I also consider the strictness and the probability that your listing will be successfully approved.

How do you shortlist the final directories from a list of many that you find?

My directory poster is experienced enough to shortlist the best directories that your business should be listed regardless of whether or not multiple results are found. In instances where ambiguity exists, my poster will peep into your competitor sites to see where they have posted, and match them. This will ensure that your business is at appropriate directories and aimed at the right online niche.

Our posters will also specifically search for directories that have popularity in a certain locality, this will give you an upper hand against your competitors.

What makes your directory listing service different from others?

As mentioned before, the service I offer is based on a manual platform. I don’t design listings merely to deliver you a report, on the contrary, I work to actually provide you with link juice, PR juice and traffic, and SEO juice as well.

Furthermore, I distinguish myself from the competition by doing the following;

No duplicate listings – you can be rest assured that I will never upload duplicate listings and will strive to design unique directories to post on, even if your business is already listed on some local directories

High PR, quality directories – I work with directories that have high and reputable PR and always choose directories that are popular and that generate a lot of traffic

Ripple effect directory listings – this is guaranteed by the fact that I am selective and go for high-quality directories to list your business in, you can expect future organic listings as there are plenty of new/small directory sites that re-publish the listings of directories that I submit to, to give you an ever-growing number of listings.

Manual work – I use a manual system to deliver my services which ensures that I deliver work that’s specifically tailored for your business’s needs. No artificial intelligence such as bots is used at any point.

The cost will depend on the number of submissions that you order. Please see packages and their corresponding costs listed below.

15 High PR Local Directory Submissions – $15

40 High PR Local Directory Submissions – $40

80 High PR Local Directory Submissions – $80

120 High PR Local Directory Submissions – $120

Please contact me if you want a custom order that has requirements which have not been listed on my packages

**********High DA ************High PR *********** you will see my service is excellent !
Order your report today…!

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Generate Leads For Real Estate,C Levels, Linkedin,Businesses

Are you looking for Professional LinkedIn & Web Researcher For Lead Generation???
Then You are at right place. 
I am a professional web researcher and having strong experience in Research and Data Collection Task such as Lead Generation, LinkedIn leads, Internet Research, Finding Targeted Leads, Market Research and Data Entry.

I can collect these type of information’s for you –

  • Company LinkedIn ID , Website , Address and their Employees.
  • Company Founder, CEO, Manager, Sales, Marketing People’s Email, Position.
  • Fetching data from web to Excel or Word
  • Social Media Research
  • Business Leads
  • Products List
  • Contact Information
  • City, State, Phone, Zip code Research
  • All type of information’s as you want

Why You Hire Me???

  • Skilled & Proficient in Researching field.
  • 100% Quality Research Guaranteed
  • At full time customer service .
  • Fast work and on time delivery
  • 24 Hour Support
“To avoid any kind of misunderstanding, you must inbox me before placing any order”
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Research high in demand private label products to sell on amazon,ebay,shopify

Getting started with private labeling is hard for most people to do. I would estimate 90% of people who never end up starting is due to the fact that they cannot pick the “perfect” product. I know this because I get messages from people all the time asking for help. this is my profession!.

To help account for any natural fear and uncertainty in this process, I have perfected the 10 steps to lay the foundation for a successful private label business.

These are my offers for each product ordered :

I will research only best categories of products(some categories are not advisable for PLR)
Detail analysis of the profitability.
High in demand
High profit margin product
Trends and Demographic analysis of each products( to ascertain sales)
Non seasonal and patent free.
products within professional recommendation of $10-50
I will drop the supplier link

I will find you small, simple, low competition, non patented and durable products or your money back!

contact me for your questions

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