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Design Outstanding Product Packaging, Label, Logo

nihatibahri niyati niyatibahri LOGO

Creativity With Quality !!!

Why My Services
Fast Delivery.
Premium Creative Designs.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Understanding and Supportive Communication.

Logo Design.
Product Label.
Custom Requests.
Brand package Box.

Please Check My Gig Extra for Information on My Services.

Thank you for visiting my Gig and I am looking forward working with you!

Dec 27, 2016

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Create set of 4 stunning Icons

art1stlv_image art1stlv_image

In this gig I offer you very amazing opportunity to buy a set of 4 icons of your choice just for 5$
On other royalty free web site you will be charge much more for even less.

Here is what you will get:

Set of 4 stunning icons of your choice
Icons will be done any style
100% authentic and visually appealing work
Any kind of file format (EPS, AI, JPEG,PNG,etc.)
Any resolution you would like (even 7000×7000 px!)
Very strong communication while creating your icons
Ability to work with me in your future projects
Extra revision
First customers will receive icon set in less than 24 hours without extra charge! 😉
Maximum precision and detailed icons

Will begin work immediately once I receive order.

Some FAQ:

1) How long it will take to receive my icon pack?

– most likely it will take first few hours to prepare and create visually stunning icons for you
If its larger pack than it can take whole day or two to create icons that meet your satisfaction.

2) Is your art 100% authentic or is it just some clip art?

-yes, everything I create is always new and fresh. But if you ask to copy someones style, it isnt problem for me at all 🙂

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Remove curses, which will let you lead the life you deserve


Many problems that you are facing in your life are not your fault, they were caused because of a curse that someone had put on you, in this life or a previous life. If you can’t tell why you’re on the wrong path and things don’t seem to work out for you ever – it’s more than likely a curse, which you’re totally unaware of. I can change this for you forever, and you will finally have the life you crave. ORDER NOW YOU WON’T REGET IT!

Please don’t forget to check out my GIG extras for faster deliveries and stronger spells

God Bless,

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Let’s Discover your Jewish Family Tree with Genealogy


I am your personal Genealogy guide on your journey through the past! Welcome! Please feel free to order this gig even if you are not Jewish – It’s just that Jewish Genealogy is my specialty. I make all kinds of Family Trees. So I know you must be thinking:
Why pay me to do this for you?
Answer – Genealogy and family histories actually take quite a bit of dedication and practice when getting into true expert level research. There is a manual that is over 100 pages long on what does and doesn’t constitute factual genealogical sources. I follow the Genealogical Standards very diligently, meaning I will only present you with a new family member if I can truly confirm that from multiple sources. Secondly, it costs Hundreds of dollars to be a member of all the websites I have access to, I save on these websites through membership in the National Genealogical Society and others. Finally – outsourcing. When you do a lot of research into family histories and genealogy you tend to build a network of people doing the same thing. Other Genealogists have time and time again proven to be a fundamental key to successful research.

Nov 30, 2016

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Send 5 Ready Made Sales Letters Templates That Convert


Need a sales letter for your product?
Interested in Raising Your Conversion Rate Without Paying a Fortune?
Don’t want to keep on paying exuberant copywriter fees?
Would rather not use sales letter generator type software?
Want an instant sales letter template for your product?
Well stop worrying your little head any more because I have just the solution!!
Churn Out Your Very Own Sales Letters, Watch Your Sales Skyrocket, and Never Empty Your Wallet to Do So…
What Do you Get?
A Total of 5 Sales Letters for High Profit Niches!
“Internet Marketing” Sales Letter Template
“Blogging” Sales Letter Template
“Affiliate Marketing” Sales Letter Template
“Weight Loss” Sales Letter Template
“Pickup And Dating” Sales Letter Template

Forget About Paying For A Copywriter Ever Again!

Oct 5, 2016

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Guide you How to Use Hubpages to Dominate the Search Engines And Get Traffic Now


Hi Fiverr Sellers.

Have you been asking yourself how to get traffic in any niche market?

Even if you do not buy this gig, I really want you to succeed.
Therefore, I am offering the following fundamentals for free.

Google ,Yahoo and MSN are ranking “hubs” that are created on Hubpages for some competitive terms
(money phrases)!

Developing content on Hubpages should become an important part of your overall web marketing / promotional strategies. In addition to your actual hubs ranking on the various search engines you can link directly to your other websites!
And guess what… these backlinks are being “counted” (as you will see later in this guide). So Hubpages can help you strengthen your entire marketing presence and “network of sites”.

What this guide teach you?

How to step by step setup and create your first “hub”.

It will show you several features and marketing tricks that you are probably not aware of.

Take Action. Wishing you all the best.

Oct 5, 2016

Just for FiverrBoxers
Hello FiverrBoxer.
If you are determined to buy a service from our subscribers, other FiverrBoxers, then press the button below!

Be Careful!

You have to complete the order and review the service you get. Sellers don’t know you are a FiverrBoxer and they will deliver the service like everyone else. Share your opinion through comments in here with them.

After the delivery, submit your review at your points page (sales and positive reviews help to raise our fiverr ranking) and soon enough we will verify and add your points.

I am sure these points will benefit sales for you from other FiverrBoxers.

Seller has no points

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Guide you how to promote your Fiverr Gigs And Start Getting Orders

fiverr guide

Hi Fiverr Sellers.

Have you been asking yourself where can I promote my fiverr gig, who has the best gig promotion that actually get results?

Even if you do not buy this gig, I really want you to succeed in your sales efforts.
Therefore, I am offering the following fundamentals for free.
A gig must follow some rules to get the most attention and gain visibility. Thousands of freelancers sell the same services, but only some of them get visibility and sell inside Fiverr. Is like Google. We try to find what to do to gain our SERP according to some keywords.
We don’t know exactly how Fiverr index the Gigs. But we have verified that:
-Gigs gain visibility when sell.
-Gigs gain visibility when earn positive feedback. (Get reviews)
-Gigs gain visibility when we get outsource traffic to Fiverr.
The conclusion? No sales, no views.
The only way to start gaining visibility is to make some sales and get best reviews. And this happens at the beginning only outside Fiverr.
I am willing to offer you your money back if you are not satisfied enough after reviewing this step by step guide.
If you need to get promotion outside Fiverr, kindly order my gig.
Wishing you all the best.

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Feature and promote your Fiverr Gig to my website filled with Gigs And Services

exposure Time-to-Share

Promote Your Fiverr Gig – Feature Your Fiverr Gig
We offer a FEATURED listing of your Fiverr Gigs, Services Or any of your stuff.
We offer an environment to get potential buyers and promote your Fiverr Gig.
We share your Fiverr Gig to our social media and to our visitors twice a week.
We permit external links to your Fiverr Gigs at your listing description.
We Create Real, Quality Traffic To Your Fiverr Gigs, Services Or Stuff.
This way, you create links back to your Fiverr Gigs, get outsource traffic to them and gain visibility at Fiverr lists.
Advertise your gigs and get more exposure to them!
I will feature your Fiverr gig to get homepage views, impressions and clicks. This gig will most likely increase your gig sales. Your gig’s link will stay on the website for a year as long as your gig remains active and stays in good standing.
You will get a step by step guide to see how to take advantage of the website’s features and get the most visibility for any kind of stuff.
Build traffic, promote your Fiverr Gigs or Services for 1 year and let us feature and share them for 30 days to our social media.
Only At Fiverr.

Oct 24, 2016

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A way to manage and raise your betting funds based only in statistics


I will send to you a profitable management system, that will help to raise your funds with only 50% winning rate.
A way that is based on statistics.

Let me explain.

The odds are set by the bookmakers depending the possibilities. You can see that an odd of 1.6 under 2.5 goals, is verified almost 60% depending on the league. In Holland, over 2.5 goals is verified 70%- 75% because the mentality of the teams is to make goals.

That is a fact and it happens every year. I will show to you how to take advantage of this.
With this specific method, you just need to win more times than you lose.
What if you take advantage of the statistics that are verified again and again?

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