market your Crowdfunding Campaign to 300,000 active people

Social Media Management Services

Award-Winning Social Media and Crowdfunding Campaign Management

As an Award-Winning Social Media Manager, I’ve enhanced more than 200 Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts. I’ve also created more than 25 of my own Crowdfunding Campaigns for occasions such as: Causes and Awarenesses, Music & Band Fundraisers, Startup Company Kickstarters, Contests, and more.

Regardless of what platform you’re using, and the campaign you’re pursuing, I have authentic and strategic ways to utilize my combined Social Media following of 300,000 plus people between LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that has produced immaculate results for every Crowdfunder or Fundraiser I have ever pursued. My profiles have NO FAKES, NO BOTS, and every following on my networks are VERY attentive, loyal, and always take interest in what I post.

EXTRAS ARE MOST EFFECTIVE! This gig is most effective with the full management packages and the extras, where you get the BEST results for your money, and everything is personalized for every person on my networks to see your Crowdfunding Campaign. And so far, they’ve ALL succeeded. Let’s do the same for yours!

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