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Proofread and edit your documents up to 1,000 words

About This Gig

Writing your own content for your blogs and articles is great but sometimes when you spend a lot of time writing something you don’t always catch the little mistakes here and there. Having a fresh pair of eyes go over it for you can help a lot.

As a content writer of over 10 years, I have written a lot of content and edited quite a few documents for punctuation, clarity, and word usage. If you want a professional writer to go over your documents before you post them then order a gig and let’s get started.

* Works for all types of documents*

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Write an ebook on any topic to captivate readers

About This Gig

Do you want to create your own digital products to sell on your website? How about an informative, educational, engaging ebook to give away as a gift to your subscribers? There are a million ways to market content.

I will write an ebook for you on the topic of your choice. You can use it for any purpose, sell it or give it away free, or package it with another digital product and make even more $$$. You will own full rights to the copy and it will be delivered in PDF or ebook formatting complete with Table of Contents, images, and more.

Sample Topics Include:

Home Improvement
Self – Help Topics
Health & Beauty

What You Get in This Gig:

  • 100% Unique Content
  • Formatted in PDF
  • Ready to Publish
  • Delivered on-time

Message me with your topic and details and let’s get started!

This Gig is Exclusively on Fiverr!

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Create blog content from youtube videos

About This Gig

Do you need fresh blog content but have run out of ideas? Here is where I can help. I will create amazing content from your old YouTube videos. Yes, that’s right! Your old videos can be repurposed into new blog posts. I take the inspiration from your video and create a companion post that you can use on your blog, affiliate pages, or etc. You can use this strategy for link building to increase your traffic and ranking.

What You Get in This Gig:

  • 1 blog post written on a similar topic
  • Delivered within 3 – 5 days
  • Delivered in Word Format
  • Proofread, edited, and ready to post

Works with YouTubeVimeo and Dailymotion videos!

I am a content writer with over 10 years of experience in writing for various sites and online publications. This gig is only being offered on

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Do SEO article writing for your blog or website

About This Gig

Content is king, and a steady supply of it is necessary for a marketer to be successful. I will do SEO article writing for your website or affiliate pages. I am a content writer, blogger, and copywriter with 10 years of experience writing for online publications. I specialize in creating content such as blog posts, affiliate marketing, and website content.

What You Get in This Gig:


  • 1 Original article
  • SEO optimized
  • 2, 3, or 4 keywords allowed 
  • keyword research available for 1 gig extra
  • Written in native English
  • Grammatically-correct
  • Check out my other gigs for even more options

If you want to update your old blog posts or have PLR articles that you want to make your own, see my rewriting gig…

This gig for SEO article writing is exclusively on

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write articles on artificial intelligence, machine learning and tech

Hello there, I’m Ayo.

I am a professional content writer with a strong technological background. I will write a well-researched tech article or blog post for you.

Reading about the latest technologies, alongside research and writing about them is what i do! I am always updated with recent trends in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and technological advancements.

I am a sound computer programmer and a professional tech writer.

I am 100% dedicated to every task. My strong work ethic and exceptional delivery quality make me stand out from the crowd.

I take excellent working relationship and Human Relations seriously, my timely response to orders serve as proof.

You can contact me about write-ups relating content

AI and Machine learning

  • Time Series Prediction
  • Deep learning (ANN, RNN, CNN)
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Intelligence and Insights
  • Neural Networks
  • Cross-Validation
  • Generative Networks (GANs)
  • Long Short Term Memory (LSTM)

Innovative Technology

  •  Self-driving cars
  •  Augmented reality and Virtual reality
  •  Robotics
  • Technology events and conferences

I’m readily available, and willing to work with you on that amazing project, Kindly Place Your ORDER NOW!

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create or burn subtitles for your video

Hi there! Do you need someone to perfectly create and burn/sync closed captions or subtitle to your video? You’ve come to the right page.

Why do you need to subtitles or captions to your video?

  • Closed captions or subtitles are necessary, if you want your content to reach a larger audience, including the hearing impaired people.


  • Aside from making your content more professional and inclusive, high quality subtitles also help your video rank better in search results.


  • Open up your content to the ESL (English as Second Language) communities which encourages user experience.

Why you should have me get the job done for you?

  • I will create a professional and perfectly synced subtitles to your video.
  • I will get the job done in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • I will provide you the SRT file of the subtitle, if required.
  • Unlimited revisions till client’s satisfaction is attained.

Kindly provide me with a transcript of your video or you could have me transcribe your video for a fee and I will create accurately timed subtitles/captions for your video(s).

I look forward to hear from you soon.


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do a perfect perfect transcription of your audio or video

Hi there! Do you want quality and professional transcription for your Audio or Video files? You’re on the right page. I’ll perfectly transcribe a clear audio or video file(s) for your company, interviews, YouTube channel, academics, and other types of projects.


  • Skilled with International Accents
  • Deft Manual Transcription (No robot or software).
  • Appropriate Reference Time.
  • Extensive Proofreading.
  • Quick Revisions.
  • Verbatim transcription.
  • Guaranteed Deadlines.
  • Welcoming Customer Support.
  • Refund if satisfaction is not met.
  • Great Value for Money.
Kindly CONTACT ME for further discussion before placing order, so I can verify the quality of the audio, as poor quality of audio may affect the duration of service and also, if the file is over 60 minutes.

Language – English.

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Do Ghostwriting, Ebook Writing On Any Niche

Hi dear,
You must be looking for a highly experienced, creative and professional eBook writer for your writing projects. Look no further
I am an expert EBOOK GHOSTWRITER, EDITOR, AND PROOFREADER; I will provide you with an original, articulate, grammatically correct, conversational and highly engaging ebook. My creativity is unrivaled. All my works are 100% unique and Copyscape passed. I can make projects creative and unique but deliver the desired message. I hereby stress that my work is never complete until you are fully satisfied and this is because your satisfaction is my utmost priority.


  • Well researched and top quality content
  • Copyscape protected: 100% original
  • Keyword researched content
  • Transfer Of Copyrights.
  • Discount on bulk orders
I also write ebooks in ENGLISH, FRENCH,  SPANISH and ITALIAN.
I can write eBook on topics like,
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Health and Safety
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • Research techniques
  • Science 
  • Self-help
  • Food Recipes
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • And much more.
I know very well the importance of a deadline. Hence, I always deliver way before the deadline.
Contact me now.
Thank You,
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write or rewrite multiple articles for any niche

About This Gig

Attention Internet Marketers:

Need bulk articles written or re-written PLR articles?

This gig is for multiple articles or blog posts of 500 – words. If you like my other rewriting gig but need more words or a bigger package, this is for you. Multiples are in 3, 5, or 10 posts of 500 words

What you will receive from this gig:

  • 3, 5, or 10 articles or blog posts on any topic
  • Written in perfect English, no typos or grammatical errors
  • Optimized for search engines and human readers
  • Ready to post to your blog or affiliate pages

Any topic is accepted except for anything related to adult content, gambling, or illegal activities. This is directed towards internet marketing so topics related to technology, cryptocurrencies, and science are outside of my area of expertise and would be better given to another seller.

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