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Run sales conversion facebook marketing and fb ads for your shopify store

Hello, welcome here!!!

Do you have an online business? Wondering how to generate more sales with Facebook Ads? Panic no more am here to scale up your business up with proven and effective facebook/Instagram ads strategy.

After carefully learning your niche, product/service. I will choose campaign type that will work best for you

I Will do the following:

  1. Research audience & create Ad text with a description
  2. Launch campaign with a target audience in your Ads Manager
  3. Make necessary changes in ads for higher results until it expires
  4. Give you technical support
  5. New Campaign Budget Optimization (Cbo) Strategy

6. Find best-possible targeting and build a campaign on Facebook and Instagram to drive the           ideal traffic

Campaigns Which I Can Setup & Run:

  •  Conversion/Traffic (E-commerce)
  •  Lead Generation (Best for Email Capture)
  •  Location-Based (Store Visits)
  •  Brand Awareness & Engagement
  •  App Installation & More
    inbox me now, let discuss more
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Sales driven facebook marketing for shopify store, ecommerce promotion


Are you searching for the relevant gig that offers Genuine Traffic for SHOPIFY SALES or that support FACEBOOK MARKETING for SHOPIFY SALES?

My name is Papa_Sales. A digital marketing specialist with decent years of E-COMMERCE PROMOTION and skilful tactics in increasing wanted Shoppers to Big Time Spenders. I will also help you targets Shoppers on FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM and GOOGLE.

Marketing is short words, is an exposure of a Service or Products to valid Buyers in convincing them to Pay and return as a Customer. This gig offers the same thing and wants each Client to be Returning Clicks too.


  • Facebook Ads Setup
  • Audience Research
  • Demographic / Targets Research
  • Ads SEO Contents
  • Ads Image & Video
  • Shopify Products Evaluation
  • Ecommerce Marketing
  • Instagram Ads
  • Facebook Campaign 
  • Shopify Traffic
  • Shopify Link Building
  • Shopify SEO

Why Me:

  1. Store Evaluation before optimizing
  2. Unlimited Revision
  3. Quick & 100% Delivery

NOTE: I offer 30days Management for Premium Package only!

Warm Regards,

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Run an ROI facebook ads, ecommerce promotion, shopify marketing

Do you know SHOPIFY MARKETINGECOMMERCE PROMOTION only cannot get you targeted Audience? FACEBOOK MARKETING / FACEBOOK ADS help you locate & promote to right Audience and retargeting them again.

With billions of daily users visiting and Facebook being the most visited Social Media Platform, we can help you get more audiences/customers to your brand/products with Facebook Ads and our Social Media Marketing team expertise.

I also own a Shopify Store of my own and am making consistent Shopify Sales daily.

Features for SALES BOOST:-

  • Sales Funnel Marketing
  • Klaviyo Workflow Automation
  • Instagram Promotion for brand awareness
  • Brand Development
  • Product pages Optimization
  • Customer List Building
  • E-mail Marketing Campaign
  • Schema Markup
  • Shopify Traffic
  • Fa-cebook Ads campaign
  • Content Marketing and Pro-motion
  • Shopify Description
  • Social Proofs
  • Backlinks (for google search engine visibility)

Pls message us before ordering and include details about your business, budget & goals in your message.

Running Facebook Ads, Advertising, Marketing, and getting a quality result is our primary goal!

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Sales profits facebook marketing with shopify store, ecommerce promotion



As a forward-thinking Shopify Marketing Agency, I’ve productized all of my monthly services to create better results for you and your brands.

I pity New Shopify Store owners for lack of knowledge before joining into Dropshipping and not meeting the right Marketer who can Boost there TRAFFIC and increases their SALES.

An expert in:-

  • Shopify Marketing
  • Shopify Store
  • Shopify Traffics
  • E-commerce Promotion
  • Amazon Promotion
  • eBay Marketing


  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Ads
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Sales Funnel
  • Influencer Marketing
  • SEO
  • Backlinking
  • Google Ads
  • Content Marketing
  • Shopify App Installation
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Shop Design

and many more…..

Contact to retrieve the SHOPIFY SALES road once again!


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I will promote youtube video in high authority platform

Firstly a warm welcome to my professional and exclusive service and  gig for video promotion. A  exclusive service (Beware of imitations)

For this service I will advertise your youtube video to an audience size depending on which package you order (Please see the packages for details). This will help to bring more traffic to your video resulting in an increase in views and possibly other forms of engagement, although likes, comments etc cannot be guaranteed.

Please note this service is only available for a YouTube video.


✔ This is a completely natural and organic promotion

✔ Professional service

✔ Worldwide audience

✔Service maybe also useful for video ranking.

How Will I Promote:-


I will advertise through PPC advertising campaigns (Google Adwords MCC) to a targeted audience who enjoy watching videos. The price of this service also includes my advertising costs as well.

My gigs do get booked up quickly so best to order now to lock in your spot.

Brought to you exclusively 

I look forward to working with you.

Lock in your spot today!


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Do shopify promotion, shopify traffic,shopify marketing and sales

About This Gig



I am an expert in eCommerce, Shopify marketing, and even promoting the store to the right targeted audience combined with genuine traffics, with years of experience in this particular niche I can assure you best and outstanding result as an end result,

About This Gig
What I start with is brand improvement in light of the fact that without that, later on when you need money the most, you probably won’t make deals. Why? Since Market place changes and buyers conduct additionally changes. It has influenced my own store once previously and now I have discovered that so none of my customers must experience that sort of hardship.
NOTE: I won’t ensure deals however I will place in everything necessary.
Deals Funnel Marketing
Klaviyo Workflow Automation
Instagram Promotion Ads Set up
List Building
Email Marketing Campaign
Diagram Markup
Shopify Traffic
Product Research
Facebook Ads Set Up
Shopify Description

Social Proofs

Order Me Now

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Help to promote your facebook page

If you are looking for top-notch Facebook Promotion for your business or for yourself look no further. Being affiliated with numerous people on Facebook can bestow some marvelous opportunities leading to an establishment of authority figure in your market.


  • WORLDWIDE audience
  • REAL and ORGANIC service
  • No need of your password

What can you expect with the exposure you will get?

  • Increase your page likes
  • Potential shares from your audience
  • Increase exposure for your potential sales
  • Enhancement of organic reach

Targeted traffic is NOT possible for such low amount of money.

This campaign is perfect for:

✔ Facebook pages just starting or veterans that want an easy and quick way to reach an audience and promote their pages

Buy with confidence.

If you have any questions send me a message.
I will be glad to help you

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Do facebook or instagram videos promotion

Hello ,

Did you uploaded your video on facebook or instagram?But no viewers and liks yet?
No need to be disappointed !! It need to be an exposure.

I am here to help you.All of the promotion will give you a real exposure of your video or your brand.

Remember:This is not a gig to sell the views and likes anymore.They are the result of the exposure.
I respect the TOS of YouTube, and Facebook,Instagram’s terms from my heart.
How will I work?

I have various social media group to promote your video by sharing.So this is a real kinds of promotion.

  • No fake
  • No bot.
  • real people and audience
  • 100% guaranteed reaction from the viewers as it is a natural way.
  • safe
  • 24 hours customer support.
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