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Get More Spotify Plays!


In this day in age, it’s hard to get noticed and the way to get noticed on Spotify is to get added to as many playlists as possible.

I can help you out with that by adding your song to one of my Spotify playlists. I will try to keep my playlists fairly small (about 30 songs) to achieve a tight rotation so that your song will get plenty of plays. More plays = more potential for Spotify to notice you and bump you onto one of their playlists!

YOU deserve the recognition for your hardwork! I have a friend in the recording business and I know just how hard he works to produce quality tracks. It’s quite a painstaking process especially if you are a perfectionist.

C’mon people, let’s do this! Let’s get you noticed! It’s about a time!

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Change your Facebook page name


I will change name of your Facebook fan page even though it has more than 200 likes . I can also change the name even if you have once changed it or failed to change . I can also merge your two pages with different names .
I have already did it successfully witb 7+ pages including mine and others .
I won’t use any hack or online tool method but I do it by combining 2 legal Facebook processes which people are unaware of .
This method has always been successful for me but even if I fail I will refund you 100 % . Thwre is no any risk to page .
If you want me to change myself . You need to wait 7 days and offer price is $15+ . If you want video guide it will be delivered in 1 day with only 10 $ .
If you have some Knowledge about Facebook pages go for $10 otherwise I will do it for to our at $15+ .

I will offer 2 options :

I can send video of my previously done process . You have to follow the steps .

Or : I will do my own . You need to give me admin rights . This method needs 7 days because fb don’t give full rights to new admin under 7 days .

I will be happy to work for you .

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Manually build 45 Edu, Gov Backlinks

SEO gov edu backlinks google

Get 45 High PR Edu, Gov Backlinks to boost your site’s google ranking.

Ranking a website on some certain keywords can be very difficult. But with the help of Edu and Gov links. You can significantly boost your website’s rank. Organic traffic has been shown to be more effective than any other source. So your SEO campaign will be missing a lot without Edu and Gov backlinks because they are highly trusted by google and other search engines.
Why this gig ?
  •  All links are permanent
  •  View-able with anchor text
  •  High PR and AUTHORITY domains
  •  100% Google safe
  •  Full Report with login details
What you will get for $5 
  • 45 EDU , GOV backlink
  • Full report with Login Details
  • Manual creation, no bots or software used
You need to provide Me:
  1. Your website URL
  2. Keywords
Should you have any questions, please message me prior to ordering and I’ll do my best to answer your queries in the shortest time possible.
Check Out my Gigs Extra for better result.
Order now and boost your website’s rank with a proven SEO strategy.
Feb 7, 2017

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Unlimited real traffics to your website


Guarantee 1000-2000 unique visitors drive to your website in a day. We will drive traffics mainly from Google and Facebook.

Key features:
Real genuine social visitors with unique ip.
100-200++ guaranteed daily visits
Unlimited: you will receive constant visits for a whole month with no daily limits
The traffic is Direct
100% Adsense SAFE
CPA, affiliations, landing pages, blogs, etc are welcome!
Entirely trackable on Analytics
SEO complementary
Custom tracking provided
Extensive customer support

You will be given a shortener link with tracking features which will be used by this service in order for you to keep track of the visitors.

You can also track the visitors straight from your tracking service, like Google Analytics.

You may receive sales or opt-ins but they CANNOT be guaranteed, as well as specific bounce rate time spent, and ranking. We can’t control visitors’ actions.

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Make your Youtube video go viral


I’ll Make your Youtube Video Go Viral, i’ll promote and boost your video


My Service can Rank or Promote your Any Video whether it is of New Music video Launch , Product Launch , Album Launch , New trailer , Songs etc .

Features of this gig:

✓ Real traffic, Genuine Viewership

✓ Very High Retention

✓ No spam, 100% safe

✓ High chances of natural user engagement

✓ Helps in ranking

✓ No ban record

✓ Safe & reliable

Our Service will either increase the ranking or attract more traffic to your video

Try it once and I’m sure you’ll be back for more.. Most trusted seller on Fiverr 100% satisfaction guarantee..

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Manually promote your Youtube, Music Video on Facebook music groups

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For $5 ONLY, i will promote your Youtube Video, Music, GooglePlay, Soundcloud Link in different Youtube and Music Facebook Groups for Massive Exposure and Traffic or views to your YT link.

What i need from you;

Provide us your YT Title (Ad Copy) and URL.

After processing your order, i will send you Report and Screenshot of where i posted your Ad Copy, as proof.

Note, if you are finding it hard to Get Exposed to new audience worldwide & Gain new views, this Gig is perfect for you.

But, KINDLY NOTE that we dont guarantee Views, clicks, because its left for group members to decide whether to view your video URL.


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Tweet your link to my 700000 real usa followers

my gig

Best business promotion ever on fiverr

What happen to your business if 700 000 usa eyeballs reached to it????
get boom promote to your business. i will tweet your business link,youtube videos,messages with pictures to my 700 000 real usa followers on twitter.lets make your business going up!! reach the maximum number of buyers,visitors,fans to your business.
what you will get for 5$,
1.a tweet on twitter that reach 700k usa people
2.tweet will be forever in my account( never delete)
3. related hashtag to improve the reaching time support with friendly promises.

connect with me!!
regards tharu

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