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I will do convert shopify marketing, shopify promotion, shopify sales for shopify store

Shopify Marketing! Shopify Sales! Shopify SEO! Shopify Promotion! ECommerce Marketing!

Welcome to ROI guaranteed Shopify marketing and Shopify sales for your Shopify store gig: where I will market your e-commerce store to drive sales and daily traffic and visitation to your online store.

I will market your store with my sales proven strategy I have to generate your main heart desire for you. I have the potential and passion needed for this project to be successful and also we will do this together so that what you are interested in you will be able to get it. 

NOTE: your investment depends on how viral your marketing will grow and your sales too.

I have the experience and we both have the power to make this work and I have years of experience in marketing and have used it for my client to drive sales and I know that this can work for you too

These are the services I render in this gig:

  • Shopify marketing
  • Shopify landing page
  • Shopify store and video promotion
  • Product research 
  • Shopify SEO
  • Shopify store revamp/redesign
  • FB ad, IG ads, Google Ads
  • social media promotion and marketing
  • Fb shop
  • Klaviyo sales funnel or any complete sales funnel
  • Video marketing e.t.c
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I will do convertible affiliate marketing, marketing sales funnel, click funnel

Hello, Welcome to my affiliate marketing gig which includes a lot of strategies that will work for you.
I am harper, an affiliate marketer with a lot of skills and experience in it which I would love to have a mutual discussion with my partners so that we will work together in harmony and makes this works out. because with love and unity we make it comes true.

affiliate marketing is the process of earning income every time you promote someone else’s products or services. If you generate a sale for the company, you get paid. If you don’t generate a sale, you do not get paid.

My Services Includes:
More Traffic means more Revenue.
social media pro.motion
social media marketing and ads
email campaign an autoresponder
creation of lead magnet page
landing page
opt-in page
sales funnel/purchase funnel
classified ads
Facebook offer
facebook shop
Increases your Brand Awareness and More Exposure for your website. 
pro.mote your offer to people who are interested in what you are offering through your
website or affiliate link
High-quality pro.motion
Fast delivery
Successful work Done
Full satisfactory work
NOTE: You will have to buy my service before working together.
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I will do klaviyo, clickbank, shopify sales funnel, salesforce to boost sales

Sales Funnel! Klaviyo Sales Funnel! Shopify Sales Funnel! Click Funnel Sales Funnel!

Are you looking for a way to retain your website traffic using sales funnel yo boost your sales?

If YES, This gig is for you. Klaviyo sales funnel, Shopify sales funnel, click  Funnel is a CONVERTIBLE FUNNEL that helps to retain the traffic landing on a particular website. help to remind customers when they have abandoned their cart by sending them an automated email with their cart information. sales funnel also helps to target different audiences with tailored promotions. It helps to turn casual browsers into paying customers and returning customers by reminding them why they lingered on your site and bringing them back to seal the deal(buy your store product). sales funnel flows help to experiment with a different version of the campaigns to understand what works and what doesn’t work based on open rate, click rate, total revenue, etc.
These Are The Flows this will include:
Welcome series set up
Customer win-back Flows
Browse Abandonment Flows
Abandoned Cart Flows
Campaign Template Design
Thank You Page Design
Post-purchase Followup

a complete sales funnel.

Contact me for a better understanding.

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I will do professional referral link promotion, paid to click link

PTC is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home. PTC websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers.
PTC model shares some similarities with pay to surf both of these models use referral marketing as a promotional method. In addition, the PTC model is usually associated with a variety of additional ways to win, as complete surveys and simple tasks, play games, shopping, etc.

  • Promotion of your PTC website
  • Boost your referral link
  • Quality advert


  • Quick delivery
  • 100% Effort project 
  • 100% satisfaction
  • sales optimization 
  • screenshot as proof


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I will set up klaviyo sales funnel, klaviyo marketing to boost your shopify sales


looking for a way to have returning customers for your website? 

Looking for an effective way to BOOST store sales?

Looking for a way to SHOPIFY SALES?

Are you looking for a way to retain your website traffic using sales funnel?

If YES, This gig is for you. Klaviyo sales funnel help to remind customers when they have abandoned their cart by sending them an automated email with their cart information. Klaviyo also helps to target different audiences with tailored promotions. It helps to turn casual browsers into paying customers by reminding them why they lingered on your site and bringing them back to seal the deal. Klaviyo flows helps to experiment with a different version of the campaigns to understand what works and what doesn’t work based on open rate, click rate, total revenue, etc.

My services are:

  1. Welcome series set up
  2. Customer win-back Flows
  3. Browse Abandonment Flows
  4. Abandoned Cart Flows
  5. Campaign Template Design
  6. Thank You Page Design
  7. Post-purchase Followup
  8. a complete sales funnel.

If you have any questions regarding this service, don’t hesitate to ask me and contact me ASAP.

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I will design stunning mailchimp newsletter, email template, email automation

Hello Everyone welcome to my GIG.

I know you are looking for a responsive and stunning Mailchimp Newsletter before you came across this GIG.

I am a well-trained MailChimp specialist and I am here to help you out on getting.

  • Responsive Newsletter
  • Undefeated Automation 
  • Unbounce Campaign Blasting
  • Eye-catchy Landing page ETC

To mention a few I can also help you with the task of complete MAILCHIMP EMAIL MARKETING

I have a great and versatile experience in getting you dynamic design that suits your taste as well as your business.

What you will get from me on this GIG

Eye-catchy design
Mobile-friendly template 
Error-Free Content
Awesome CTA
Editable Template               All will be provided to you just as you want it.

Why You Should Choose Me!!!

I am a dynamic and Experience MailChimp Specialists.
I guarantee you 100% Satisfaction
Pleasant and fast Communication
Quick Delivery
Support after the completion of the project.

When it comes to handling MailChimp for any purpose of your choice, I am here to make you have a remarkable experience in getting what you want on MailChimp.

Place your Order Now!!!

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I will do a professional and outstanding organic youtube promotion

Hello, Fiverr Community.
Do you know that most business owners don’t seem to know the essence and the benefit of prom.otion? 
  Youtub.e prom.otion play’s a vital role in every business be it online and offline business. You are lucky to have a little knowledge about these promotions. is a platform where you can get your business to know people virally both the people you know and you don’t know.  it also helps to increase sales for your business.

  • Extra fast delivery
  • Increase in sales
  • Brand awareness for your business
  • satisfactory based on my work
  • professional work
  • convincing content
  • Communication skill e.t.c.

With my years of experience,I have the expertise and skill with the best tools required to get the job done.
I can help you out with:

  • video marketing
  • video prom.otion
  • Organic and real prom.otions
  • youtube channel promotions
  • product video
  • Instagram pro.motions e.t.c

Kindly contact me directly now to have a taste of professional work, All you need to do after handling this work over to me is to relax, don’t bother searching all-around when you have who you are looking for.

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Do promotion cbd oil, cannabis, hemp oil, cbd website traffic


I am Lon by name a professional digital marketer with many years of experience, i have worked with many persons and organisations to their 100% satisfaction. I am very good at the following services:
cbd promotion, cbd marketing, affiliate link pr0mOtion, website pr0motion, music pr0motion, social media marketing, cannabis marketing and many more.


  • 100% Customer satisfaction
  • 100% Effort on your project
  • 100% work done
  • Unlimited revision
  • Fast delivery
  • viral pr0motion
  • Best results

My services are perfect and professional. Try me out today to get the best of anything in digital marketing.

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Do affiliate link promotion, cbd marketing, amazon


Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more traffics from each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

CBD is just one of the 85 different cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant. It does not contain any THC and does not cause any psychoactive effects (i.e., consumption of CBD will NOT get you high). CBD has many uses and benefits, including pain relief, relaxation, anxiety relief, anti-inflammation, sleep aid, etc


  • 100% Satisfaction
  • 100% Effort
  • Timely Delivery
  • Unlimited Revision
  • Screenshots As Proof
  • Best Results
  • Friendly Conversation


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Do affiliate link promotion, promote clickbank drive USA traffic to shopify,ebay

I have extensive experience in affiliate marketing, affiliate website programs from development, launching, recruiting affiliates to overall affiliate marketing management and growth. I have a good working knowledge of using affiliate networks like Affiliate link promotions affiliate marketing, Increase sales. I also have experience using affiliate software and affiliate solutions provider like Post Affiliate.
My strengths and key skills set are:

• Strategic plan development for affiliate marketing and affiliate management outsourcing services. Approved plans for execution are results of a cross-functional team effort with business line management, market analysis, sales.
• Continually gather and analyze competitive data on pricing, promotions, and functionality that will impact the future of brand products and promotions.

• Participate in the forecasting of monthly sales and expense budget for supported business lines and programs, monitors financial performance, and regularly reports the status of performance to budget

Why you should hire me
Fast delivery
24/7 online

I will deliver work of a high standard for your jobs.


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