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Do Your American Female Voice-Over

with mic iii

Unless you request that I call your business and leave the voicemail greeting, it will be provided in .wav or .mp3 form.

I will voice your piece with the humor or seriousness (or both or more) it deserves. Either way, it will be professionally done and you will want to listen to it time and again. If it’s for a project, anyone listening will be able to feel the emotions being conveyed, be it happiness, sadness, fear, anger, or wonder.

I deliver
enthusiastic vocals
various voices
sound effects, where needed

My work is guaranteed to make your project “POP” or to submerse you so deeply into the work’s world that you’ll forget where you are. If you’re aiming to sell something, get ready for your phones to start ringing after your listeners hear my voice.

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Vocalize Spoken Word Piece

spoken word screenie

I will vocalize your spoken word piece with all the emotion it’s due, whether it’s anger, passion, sadness, love, joy, or a call to act. I’m very empathetic and it comes through on my readings/vocals, so you can be sure whatever you want your audience – or even yourself – to feel, you will.

I deliver
enthusiastic vocals
sound effects, where needed

My work is guaranteed to make your project “POP” and send shudders through the listener.

~ I also provide a FREE 10-second demo upon request.

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Sing or Speak in a Funny Voice

with mic, ii

I will sing your song in one or more of my “funny” voices; my usual voices include chipmunk-like, opera, sexy, and faux-country, but I’m willing to do a free [10-second] sample of most anything else you have in mind, if you want to really experiment. Whatever I do, it will make your song or story “POP” and give it that dash of extra flavoring it needs.

For children’s songs, I will sing the child’s song in either a childlike voice or my own voice. Either way, your child will be singing along, dancing, and asking to hear it “again, again, again!” If it’s for a project, anyone listening will be back in touch with their inner child and it may just go from a board meeting to a dance hall.

I deliver
enthusiastic singing
various voices, including animals!
sound effects, where needed

My work is guaranteed to make your project jump out or to make your child delirious with happiness and what can be better than making a child smile?

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Compose a killer electronic music tune for your project


With this gig you’ll get a complete electronic music loop (or if preferred, a more traditionally structured song) delivered in High Quality WAV and MP3 formats; be it for television, radio, film, websites, video games or any other multimedia projects that need fresh, exclusive and completely unique music.

Past clients include such networks as CNN, HGTV, and MTV.

What you’ll get is a unique blend of electronic music ranging from Ambient and Dubstep, to Drum n’ Bass, Trip Hop, Techno, IDM and/or everything in between. All music is written in my style, however you’re welcome to provide a few links to some music videos, songs or sound effects that you’d like to have incorporated into your project, and I’ll do my best to satisfy the request.

Thank you for checking out my gig! See the example video for a sample track.

I look forward to working with you.


Jan 14, 2017

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Promote your official YouTube music video


I’ll Promote your official YouTube music video to millions of people.

With My Service, you can Rank your Any Video on YouTube whether it is of New Music video Launch , Product Launch , Album Launch , New trailer , Songs etc .

Features of this gig:

✓ Real traffic, Genuine Viewership

✓ Very High Retention

✓ No spam, 100% safe

✓ Helps in ranking

✓ No ban record

✓ Safe & reliable

Reach a global audience with our advertising platform , boost your brand’s image, Make your video go viral! Put your video in front of millions and increase your chances of creating a viral video campaign.

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Rap Beats for you [Buy 2 Get 1 FREE]

AN Trap Logo2

FOR ONLY 5$/beat – !!!!! BUY 2 BEATS – GET 1 FREE !!!!

Complete instrumentals for studio projects

Looking for rap beats and instrumentals? Music is our passion. I am working hard day after day to deliver the best possible quality for you and your audience. “Almost” is no option. Stack up your sound and Tell me what you want. You will get what you wish for only 5$ .

Thank you !


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Create music for your short film with unlimited revisions


**Please contact me showing me your video before you make an order**

For only FIVE DOLLARS: you will receive a full, high-quality musical score: written and recorded from scratch to give life to YOUR film. Music will be written to fit your specific needs for your film. No musical templates will be used.

As a first-time seller, I am offering unlimited revisions and will work to ensure your film has the music you envision. The only simple request I make is to be referenced during the credits of your film.

I have experience writing for three film scores, two of which are being submitted to high-profile festivals. As an aspiring film scorer and musician, I will dedicate myself completely to creating the best accompaniment to your story.

Please contact me if you have more questions about the gig and what I can offer.

Oct 24, 2016

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