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l will create, improve and coach online dating profiles for more matches

Be your online dating coach

Online dating is exploding!!!
Unfortunately, most of the profiles have a bit or no success. But no worries I’m here to help you create an outstanding profile. My name is Lana and I am a certified life and dating coach who helped thousands of people find what they are searching for.
With this gig I’ll:
  – in-depth examine your profile
  – in-depth explore your personality
  – create an appealing profile
  – choose the right photos
  – write the unique attractive headline  – help you with any other detail on your online dating profile

An in-depth expert review of your overall presentation

  • Photo Selection Assistance – I will select your best images and help you order them in a way that will get you more matches and dates. Photos are the #1 thing you need to fix if you want better matches.

  • Profile Description– I will make sure you have a bio reflecting your true self that will attract more matches.

  • Questions  – I will answer any dating questions you may have about online dating,
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Be promote and grow your tiktok manually and gradually

                                                   Welcome Tiktok promotion
If you’re looking Tik Tok professional for organic growth for your account. Then you have landed in the right place!  My service is 
100% organically and manually to satisfied buyer. I believe in the organic growth of your account and only interested in REAL & ACTIVE people on Tiktok which will be engaged by your contents.



  • I do this by targeting hashtags, competitors, and locations.
  • Follow/unfollow method.
  • Likes at videos.
  • Real active users.

  • Increase in followers
  • Increase in profile likes
  • Brand awareness
  • Grow your account automatically
  • No Bots/No software
  • 100% Manually work

    order now,
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Psychic read any photo clairsentience psychometry

I am a registered Psychic from the Guild of Australia  and certified Reiki practitioner . Professional clairvoyant reader. 

Do you know a person that you want to know more about ?

I will psychic read any photo and answer 1 question to you, I will tell you details on their:

past, present, and their future

I will also describe their intentions and unknown thoughts.

Being a professional psychic. I’ve been doing readings for over 20 years. My accuracy is near 100%.  I am a clairsentient ,psychometry and  clairvoyant seer – reading the states of others from photos.

My fess are $70 for a 30-minute reading. Now here on Fiver, I am offering my service at a very low price.

I am very honest, and I do not “sugar-coat”.  If you want to find the truth of a matter, you have come to the right place.

I predict that you will be very glad you came to me.

NOW: Press the green “Proceed to Order” button, and let’s uncover your photo’s secrets right now.

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Send You Calendar Showing Your Unique Daily Success Colours

Based on your birthdate, I will send you a calendar highlighting your unique daily success colours.
By matching your clothes or accessories to your daily success colour, you will be able to enhance the energy surrounding you that day. Keeping in mind that your day will likely be better than it might have had you not.

Calendars will be sent to you in PDF format.

Depending on the gig you purchase I will provide your calendar for 1 month, 6 months or 12 months.

*BONUS: You will have a choice for the background colour or your calendar

***All gigs will include the remainder of the current month as well.***

Please contact me if you have any questions, I am always pleased to answer!

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Remove curses, which will let you lead the life you deserve

Many problems that you are facing in your life are not your fault, they were caused because of a curse that someone had put on you, in this life or a previous life. If you can’t tell why you’re on the wrong path and things don’t seem to work out for you ever – it’s more than likely a curse, which you’re totally unaware of. I can change this for you forever, and you will finally have the life you crave. ORDER NOW YOU WON’T REGET IT!

Please don’t forget to check out my GIG extras for faster deliveries and stronger spells

God Bless,

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Let’s Discover your Jewish Family Tree with Genealogy

I am your personal Genealogy guide on your journey through the past! Welcome! Please feel free to order this gig even if you are not Jewish – It’s just that Jewish Genealogy is my specialty. I make all kinds of Family Trees. So I know you must be thinking:
Why pay me to do this for you?
Answer – Genealogy and family histories actually take quite a bit of dedication and practice when getting into true expert level research. There is a manual that is over 100 pages long on what does and doesn’t constitute factual genealogical sources. I follow the Genealogical Standards very diligently, meaning I will only present you with a new family member if I can truly confirm that from multiple sources. Secondly, it costs Hundreds of dollars to be a member of all the websites I have access to, I save on these websites through membership in the National Genealogical Society and others. Finally – outsourcing. When you do a lot of research into family histories and genealogy you tend to build a network of people doing the same thing. Other Genealogists have time and time again proven to be a fundamental key to successful research.

Nov 30, 2016

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Psychic Reading on your Love Life

World Renowned Psychic Leonora brings you ‘Messages from the Angels’, ‘Guidance from the Spirit Guide’ and accurate readings using my psychic abilities. My personal readings for Celebrities have been published in National Magazines and I have performed readings on live television and given personal readings to well known television personalities.

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Do a Psychic Reading within 24hrs for $5

Hi, my name is Leonora I am an established Clairvoyant and you may have seen me on some of the online sites. I sometimes work on television, I have been featured in magazines and have published articles. I am also a paranormal investigator. If you are seeking a genuine psychic reading with someone who has credentials and a proven successful track record then look no further.
Please ask one brief question if you have one. You will receive a detailed reading in approximately 500 words which is approximately one page of A4 and you will receive your reading within 24 hours.
If you have more than one sentence in your question then you will not receive a full 500 words because it takes time to read through, alternatively you could upgrade to the 1500 word reading if you have a lot to write.

FEEDBACK: I just want to say WOW!!!! I have just met someone who completely fits your description, so so accurate 🙂
Brilliant – second reading I have had and I am amazed at the accuracy once again. Thank you so much! Would highly recommend.

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Make your horoscope report with detail prediction and analysis


Includes Birth details with Panchang, Planetary Degree/Positions, Favourable Points, Birth chart, Moon chart, Navamsha chart, Chalit & Cuspal chart
House predictions about your Health, Finance, Marriage, Career etc.
Dasha readings for 10 years
Yearly predictions (Transit predictions) for % years
Sadesati (Saturn’s period)
Gem Therapy
Kalsarp Dosh
Manglik Dosh
Lucky Substitute Stone

All Kundaliphal +
Sudarshan chakra + KP System + Divisional charts + Jaimini astrology + Shadbal + Ashtak Varga and 10 more items
House predictions about your Health, Finance, Marriage, Career etc. – More Extended
Yoga predictions (Based on astrological combinations)
Numerology predictions – Basic

All Kundali Darpan +
Graph for Shadbal & Ashtakvarga and 20 more items
7 types of dashas (with Sookshma details)
Dasha readings for 20 Years
Yearly predictions (Transit predictions) for 20 Years
Numerology Prediction in Detail
Nakshatra Reading
Lalkitab predictions
20 YEAR GRAPHS for Health, Finance & Emotion
Numerology Recommendations
Lal Kitab Remedies

Oct 21, 2016

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