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Do Quickbooks,Xero,Excel Bookkeeping For Your Business


If you are looking for accounting and bookkeeping services, you’re in the right place.

My motto is “Let Me Take Care of the Books While You’re Taking Care of Business!”

About Myself :

I have MBA qualified in accounting and commerce. I have experience as a freelancer and working as a bookkeeper and accountant for the US, Australia, and Canadian clients.

Currently, I am serving my clients with the following areas of expertise:

  ➽ Setting up New Company accounts & Managing Chart of Accounts
  ➽ Recording, categorization and data entry of financial data
➽ Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation
  ➽ Create Invoice & Bill
  ➽Maintaining Account Receivables & Payable
  ➽ Weekly, Monthly & Year End Reporting
  ➽ Budgeting
  ➽ Financial Statements, Financial Projections / Forecasting, Ratio Analysis, Key Performance Indicators
   ➽ Converting from One Software to Another
  ➽ Some other task required for clients.
Please, contact me before ordering. I guarantee the best job!
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Order your 5 usd fiverr gig and give you feedback

Hi Fiverr Seller.smiley

This Gig is appropriate for you.

If you have a Fiverr gig with no visibility and you want to start selling in Fiverr, then I can help you.

I will order your Gig in Fiverr and leave you positive feedback. You have to know that sales bring sales.

The target is to reach high ranking in Fiverr and start getting massive orders.

What makes Fiverr choose gigs ranking?

On the homepage, Fiverr needs to showcase the breadth of services people can find on the site.

This is their first impression and they have to display carefully a wide variety of offerings that appeal to mass segments of visitors.

Probably, an algorithm is partially responsible for deciding who gets on the homepage and who gets a featured listing, but I believe there is at least some manual approval process.

We can agree to the following…

-Fiverr loves sales.

-Fiverr tries to feature the most valuable services that buyers prefer.

-The sales statistics guide Fiverr to understand which services people like and sell more.

So landing on the homepage is great exposure if you can get it.

According to the facts above, the criteria for ranking services may be the following…

1.The number of sales raising

When the number of sales is raising, people seem to prefer this gig, according to it’s description and general impression. Fiverr high rank these gigs. Remember. Fiverr loves sales.

2.The Percentage of Positive Reviews

Wen the percentage of positive reviews in the total number of orders is high then the ranking is getting better, as people express their happiness with this service. Fiverr loves to provide first page services that people like giving excellent feedback. Remember. Fiverr wants to sell.

3.The Conversion Rate is high

Fiverr tracks a rolling 30-day conversion rate of each gig — meaning the percentage of people who visit your Gig and turn into buyers. Fiverr loves to feature the high-converting gigs because they don’t make any money until someone buys something.

Their homepage is undoubtedly a big “money page” for them, so they want to highlight the gigs that have a proven track record of converting browsers into buyers.

So, you have a great chance here to start raising your sales, your positive feedback and your conversion rate.

You pay for this order 8$ but you get back in Fiverr a sale, a positive feedback and 4$ from the sale.

That means, your real cost is 4$ as you get back 4$ from the sale in Fiverr.

Believe me, the most important is the sale and the feedback.

Because if you could order in here about 10 sales, you would see the visibility growing inside Fiverr and new orders come alone.

If your gig is a guide or something unique, I can’t repeat the order. But if it is a service like traffic, graphic or something else, then is obvious for some buyers to buy from the same sellers if they are satisfied.

Very important: You have to deliver the order in Fiverr normally as anyone else. For example, if you create logos, I will ask you for what I am interested in and you have to deliver a logo.

Everything has to be delivered as usual.

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Design An Investor Winning Pitch Deck In 48 Hrs

Are you looking for an engaging Pitch Deck to present your ideas or (start-up) business beautifully, attract investors, get funds or to raise seed capital?

If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Did you know that most ideas, startups and businesses fail to secure approval or funding simply because they failed at designing an engaging Pitch Deck to best put forward their idea(s) or business?

The human mind has an active attention span of 30 seconds…that’s 30 seconds for you to make the most of a potential investor’s time with my beautifully designed power point presentation / pitch-deck. ORDER NOW.

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Provide Professional Legal Advice

Please SEND A MESSAGE before placing order


I, Lincolnlawyer1, alongwith my legal team of attorneys shall provide you with complete solutions for all your legal issues here under one roof.

We will provide you with thorough legal advice on your legal queries on all major legal matters as mentioned below:

→ Disputes relating Contracts and Agreements

  • Interpretation of any clause
  • Meaning of any clause
  • Utility or dangers of any clause in a contract

→ Crimes & Criminal Records

  • Criminal Defense
  • Motions
  • Traffic Tickets

→ Employment & Labor Law

  • Employment
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Overtime Pay
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Unemployment
  • Workplace laws

→ Family & Divorce

  • Divorce
  • Family (prenuptial agreements, adoptions, guardianships and more).
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support

→ Intellectual Property – Patents, Trademarks, Copyright & Licensing

  • Intellectual Property
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Disclaimers


We will draft a Legal Notice/Letter/Demand Letter for you


We will review, proofread and make corrections in your all legal/court documents and also review/draft water tight agreements and contracts.

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Data Entry & Virtual Assistant


I would be happy to be a virtual assistant and assist with all of your needs. My goal is to provide best services for my clients.Your satisfaction is my first preference

I will be your virtual assistant with 100% accuracy

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Develop A Themed And Viable Financial Model

I can built a financial model with a dashboard containing clear inputs and assumptions, plus model outputs that presents the business model, financial statements, ratio analysis & valuation.

I am open to discuss key assumptions and the level of complexity that is required in the model. My models are user-friendly and easy to navigate. In addition, I provide sensitivity analysis and business valuation as well.

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Give You Grant Cardone University Full Training Guranteed

Cardone University is the #1 Business Training Platform in the World

It offers Grant Cardone’s most extensive sales training curriculum on the web today. With over 1500 Segments of fully interactive video content, Cardone University is the one thing you can’t afford NOT to have. With Grant Cardone as your personal sales coach 24/7 and the full support of the Cardone Team, you can finally reach your potential. Professional at the top of their game train everyday… and their paychecks reflect that. Are you ready to become a REAL pro?

The core sales training within the curriculum includes:
  • Selling Basics
  • Understanding the Buyer
  • Sales Process
  • Theory of Closing
  • Closing Strategies
  • Incoming Calls
  • Internet Lead Response
  • Prospecting
  • Follow-Up
  • 100 Ways to Stay Motivated
  • Top Traits of Great Salespeople

If you have a question or a problem i will provide a answer or a solution as quick as i can !!

Unlimited revisions and after sale support until you are fully satisfied !!

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Send you my ultimate Flippa guide

*** Want To Earn A Lot Of Money Selling Websites On Flippa? ***
In case you haven’t heard about it before, is the number one place in the world to buy and sell online businesses. Every day, thousands of entrepreneurs venture onto the platform to look through businesses that are currently for sale and find valuable opportunities, and many more users join for the chance to sell their online businesses for large sums of money.
My guide contains the best advice on how to earn a lot of money on Flippa. The following sections are included in the book:
  • What Is Flippa? 
  • Creating a Fast-Selling Website 
  • Writing a Good Flippa Listing 
  • Available Listing Settings
  • Perfecting Your Listing 
  • Alternatives to Flippa
Whether you’re looking to sell your existing website for the highest possible price on or you just want to start earning a lot of money flipping websites, this guide is perfect for you!
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Do Shopify Ecommerce Jobs For You

Try me today. World class Shopify Virtual Assistance on your business.

Try for $5 for 5 product management including:

Product title

Product description

Meta titles and description

Categories and Collection

All inclusive with SEO keywords.

Organization and Management

Bulk orders are per product. Please message me before buying.

Trial Offer Limited Time Only. Order now before it’s too late!

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