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I will setup ecommerce email marketing flows, sales campaign, newsletter, sales funnel

Email marketing real sales funnel. Welcome message, Follow up automated, Campaigns,Newsletter

Are you in search of a marketing expert? That has his time in helping others building their sales, if your answer is not negative then you are on the track.

I am femolath, a digital marketing expert. well experienced and knowledgeable about marketing.

For your business to grow there is need for a marketing expert on board on your journey. To help build up the interest of your customers and acquires new ones.
I will sales interest your clients and drive your service interest into their skull.

I have the skill to use. Chat me up to prove it. to you thanks.

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I will your VA and fulfil your shopify orders using oberlo

I will be your VA and complete your order fulfilment with oberlo to AliExpress

I will

  • Fulfil orders using Oberlo
  • Fulfil orders manually
  • handle refunds, returns and complaints
  • I will provide free customer service with this Gig.
Feel free to contact me regarding custom orders and before placing orders.

Thank you

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I will include 6 endorsements for exchange lines to your llc,inc set up business credit

Build Business Credit and establish business scores with NO Personal Guarantee.  We establish 6 trade line approvals for your LLC or Corporation.

This service is for establishing your 1st tier business line approvals. These lines will post to your business files and establish strong business credit and scores to allow you to move into higher tier credit.  Some will report to the Bureaus as cash lines, some will report as net 30 lines – but all the lines we use REPORT, then eventually your Paydex score will get established.

You can build business credit for any age entity – brand new or aged.  Personal Scores do Not matter ALL approvals are based on your LLC or INC

At CORPSolutions….

We have over 14 years of experience in building strong corporate credit

We show you how to check your scores and lines for Free

We establish your 1st tier line approval in a matter of days. This achieved by ordering from each line on your behalf (or having you do so). Each order is approx ~$20, once paid the merchants in turn report your positive payment history to the Bureaus in a month or two. It’s that easy!

We can help you obtain a strong D&B score!


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I will transfer an aged corp to you, any age, includes compliant articles of amendment

Our program can provide you with an Aged Corp, of which to build your business credit upon. Our clients have demanded these services, so we are now offering to the public!

Each of our Aged Corp deliveries will include:

  — The Approved Annual Reinstatement

  — The Approved and Stamped Articles of Amendment

  — As well as the Certificate of Good Standing

 — Lists YOU as the Owner of the Corp (or whomever you choose)

 — Immediately be shown on the Sec of State website – fast delivery

With an Aged Corp you can more easily obtain acknowledgement with Underwriters as they go to choose whether or not to approve you for business credit. We provide quick delivery so you can get launched into your business credit.

All of our Aged Corps are delivered in good standing by way of maintenance, reinstatement, or combination thereof.

With an Aged Corp you have the advantage of obtaining easier trade line approvals as well as eventual higher credit limits.

We are here to help every step of the way. Let us know if we can get YOU launched with YOUR very own Aged Corporation!

Michael and the Corpsolutions Team

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I will import csv or xml datafeed to wordpress woocommerce products spreadsheet

PLEASE CONTACT WITH ME BEFORE ORDER to understand if I’m able to do what you need and discuss job details

If you have a Supplier product listing file (excel / csv / number ) from your supplier, I can convert the file to following e-commerce acceptable bulk csv template and upload it for you

  • Product Bulk upload to Shopify via CSV file
  • Product Bulk upload to Bigcommerce via CSV file
  • Product Bulk upload to WooCommerce via CSV file
  • Product Bulk upload to Prestashop via CSV file
  • Category creation and Assign products to it’s respective categories
  • Product have to variation Like (Color, Size). it will be custom price.


What I needs to start the work:
  • I would need access to your store admin panel
  • Supplier product listing (csv, excel) which contains data to format and upload in bulk
  • Important Info


I can help you any time when your need. Just give me a message. I am here 24/7

Best Regards

#CSV #supplier #import #bulk #product listing #supplier product listing

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I will professionally manage your emails

Hi. Thanks for viewing my gig.

My name is Vanessa, and I’d love to be your Virtual Assistant, handling all your email related tasks. I am very detail-oriented, well organized and take pleasure in delivering customer satisfaction on all levels.

Services offered are as follows:

  • Email Handling
  • Email Sending
  • Email Follow-ups
  • Email Invites
  • Customer Service Support
  • Technical Support
  • Live Chat


Please feel free to send me a message for any custom request.
Looking forward to providing the professional service you seek. 
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Do real and viral ebook,amazon and kindle book promotion to real audience

Hello Everyone

   Do Real And Viral Ebook, Amazon And Kindle Book Promotion To Real Audience

  You may have been looking for a professional marketer to help you with doing viral pr0m0tion for your books, if so… Welcome to the right place.

  I will help you to do real pr0m0tion on S0CIAL MEDIA platforms, social media is one of the best ways to do pr0m0tion and market our product and services, so cial media allows you reach large audience doing social media pr0m0tion would be best for your books cause people around the world spent close to 5 hours a day on there various social media platforms, it will also get to the right audience cause almost all our targeted audience are using one or the other so cial media platform so this make it one of the best ways to pr0m0te and market our product.

Why Chose My Service:

  1. Fast Delivery
  2. Good Communication Skills
  3. Will Show Proof Of My Work
  4. Top Social Media Platforms
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit

And more…. Will be looking forward in working with great people and buyer, kindly inbox me and let start.

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I will build mailchimp landing page,sale page,sales funnel

I will Build and Design MailChimp Landing Page and Do Email Marketing via MailChimp

I will design landing page, either multi-purpose or specific landing pages depending on your business[niche] .My work is always modern and adequate.   

  • Sign Up forms
  • Opt-in Forms
  • Product Landing Pages
  • Site under maintenance landing pages
  • Newsletters and Autoresponder
  • Popup forms
  • Sales page
  • Sales and Auto funnel


  • Fast delivery
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Always available online for more instruction
  • Multi-lingual communication [language would not be a barrier]


Give it a trial and see the best result you would ever find elsewhere.
Contact before placing order …  
Best Regards,Johnny 
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I will do linkedin, b2b, b2c, real estate, cryptocurrency lead generation

Trying to get valid leads, but can’t.

Looking for an Audience to send your campaign to, but can’t.

Trying to get people to advertise your goods,products to, but can’t.

Then I can help 

My Expertise;




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