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Write A Professional Press Release And Distribute It to 100 high PR websites

Do you wish to announce something to the public? Issue bulletins, handouts or make a newsworthy statement? Then you have come to the right place to help you do exactly so. I am an experienced public relations expert with vast experience and in-depth knowledge about creating captivating press releases. It is beyond doubt that a captivating press release is an essential tool in bringing you to the limelight while making your news known to the whole world.

I can assure you that distributing a good press release is one of the sure ways that your website can gain exposure as well as gain high-quality backlinks. Probably you have not used a press release before, but I would like to believe that you have heard about them. Though not as popular as they were in the SEO community some years ago, they still are essential.

You may be wondering whether or not a press release is still relevant in 2019 or if it is worth investing in this SEO tool. Yes, press releases are still relevant, and I can assure you that any investment you make into getting a press release done by me will be worth your every penny. Press releases help in search engine optimization and can also function as a marketing tool.

However, it is important to note that most people in the market fail to understand what it entails to create a good press release and in the long run they end up creating content that harms websites. I can assure you that with my services, you can rest assured that the quality of press releases I will produce for you will not do any harm to your website.

The importance of press releases in SEO

It is essential to have any information regarding your company published on a reputable news site to promote your brand and also for SEO.

How is it important for SEO? Backlinks obtained from press releases promote your SEO. This is how it happens; once publishers from different news sites start to talk about you, you will begin to get massive backlinks from them and other webmasters that will read the news. It is important to note that backlinks from webmasters and news sites hold high amounts of equity in the market.

You can agree with me that building backlinks are usually arduous tasks to perform, leave alone creating quality ones. Creating them naturally without buying them or using PBNs is quite tricky too. How I build my press releases makes the entire backlink creation process easy and quick. This is because I create original, high-quality press releases without using any risky tricks. You should understand that if the work is done in the wrong manner, it will not only make it impossible to get good quality backlinks, but it will also lead to penalties.

What I can guarantee you if you work with me

To make my services unique, I ensure that the following are available for all my clients:

•    Customized press release (AP style of writing)

•    As many work revisions as you may desire

•    Follow-up messages tailored to your audience written in line with the style of your brand

•    Content on trending subjects for increased media interest

•    Use of quotes from one of your company’s executives

•    Immediate response to any questions you may have

•    The press release articles are all Copyscape-cleared

How I will help you avoid press release spams

It is important to point out that most organizations have made it their primary focus to create and distribute press releases in almost all press release platforms forgetting that other important things should be done to improve their business. Most of these platforms allow people to post as many press releases as they can for free because they get their profits from advertising.

However, even those platforms that charge a fee for one to post his/her news also have tons of irrelevant articles. This is because most people prefer using the press release platforms compared to getting a webmaster’s service because of the high charges charged for backlinks and guest posts.

The presence of excess and irrelevant content on the press release websites causes a decline in their quality. Only a few companies and sites can maintain the relevance of their websites. They can do so by only allowing a limited number of logged in users to post their press releases on their websites.

Therefore, I can assure you that I will post a press release that is aimed at attracting the attention of reporters and not solely to generate backlinks.

Why has the popularity of press releases declined over the years?

The main factor that has caused the decline n popularity of websites is SPAM content. With the growth of the internet and SEO market, the rate at which journalists and news editors were getting spammed also increased. As a result, they began to filter the news stories they were receiving heavily. With time, press releases became less effective in terms of how they could be accessed.

Another reason why press releases became less popular is because of the penalties charged on massive link building.

However, I can assure you that I am going to guide you in focusing on the right things for your business which includes; improving your business, website, products, and services and most importantly issuing high quality and captivating press releases.

You only require the attention of a single reporter from a renowned site and other things will follow. I am going to help you achieve precisely that; get the right reporter to notice you. I can assure you that you have higher chances of getting noticed if you take my services because I work by targeting specific individual reporters. I will ensure that if your news is about gaming, I get a reporter that’s a gamer too and if your story is about medical issues, I will get a reporter that has a deep interest in the health sector.

Making your press release distribution effective

Here are the things that I will do to make the distribution of your press release effective;

•    I will create a killer headline

•    Generate interesting content

•    Make the press release short and straight forward

•    Distribute the work to relevant platforms

•    Monitor all the results

I make all my press releases effective by avoiding some mistakes such as;

I.    Writing just about anything- an effective press release should only be about an exciting, innovative and original topic. Anything that does not fit the above standards is a waste of time.

II.    Constantly spamming editors- editors and reporters filter out spam articles coming from a single individual especially if the articles are not interesting enough.

III.    Posting on very many press release platforms- I only focus on posting my press releases on relevant and reputable platforms, those that have the right audience for your organization.

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Promote You And Get 800 Hyper Active Subscribers Guaranteed

Yes I’m excited to introduce you to my GIG.
Yes the money is in the list and I am here to continue to support you with your online business.

By doing that…

I will promote your squeeze page until you get the minimum subscribers of your purchase. I’m not selling you clicks or views, I’m actually guaranteeing you subscribers. I don’t see anyone else offering anything like this.
These are not robot lead generators or robot clicks. They re real human just like you and I.
My subscribers will buy from you if you have the right offer in front of them. 
So take a dive on one of these options and I promise you, you won’t regret it. If you are not satisfied with the order, I will buy it back from you. Guaranteed.

If you need proof, message me and I’ll send you proof.

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Create And Manage Your Facebook Ads And Campaigns

I will manage your Facebook business page and take it to an Advanced & Higher level.
I am a well known Marketing manager in the Social Media realm and culture. I have worked in a few digital marketing management agencies in the past before I started my own company.

Why do we need Facebook marketing to drive more business?

The best strategy to drive more traffic, leads and revenue to your business is Facebook Business Page Marketing.

From Past 8 Years I have managed over a few hundred pages across the Facebook platform for numerous companies.
We guarantee a higher ranking with more visibility while using hashtags, creating powerful content with tagging relevant companies that have interest in your business, and ensuring proper image placement that makes sense towards lead generation.

Social Outreach via Marketing is the fastest way to boost your business’s exposure in any area of the world. We carefully use strategic ways to create ads, its campaigns, and ad sets through functional demographics.

I have recently increased Facebook page likes from 80 to 280 in 12 days! Or 250 to 5000 in 6 months for example!

Social Media Marketing is in my DNA!

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Promote Romance Or Erotica Books On My Adult Stories Website

My adult stories website and single mom blog get 2,000+ organic visits, every week. The lion’s share of these visits are in the United States and Canada but also plenty of global traffic.

I will place your romance or erotic book on Kindle, Wattpad or Smashwords into rotation on the ads on my website.

For a little extra, I will place another ad in the sidebar of nearly every page/post, maximizing your exposure on my website.

I look forward to making your romance or erotica book a huge success! Message me with any questions.

Bronze – one ad rotation for 30 days
Silver – two ad rotations for 30 days
Gold – two ad rotations PLUS SIDEBAR (nearly every page/post) placement

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Feature and promote your Fiverr Gig to my website filled with Gigs And Services

Promote Your Fiverr Gig – Feature Your Fiverr Gig
We offer a FEATURED listing of your Fiverr Gigs, Services Or any of your stuff.
We offer an environment to get potential buyers and promote your Fiverr Gig.
We share your Fiverr Gig to our social media and to our visitors twice a week.
We permit external links to your Fiverr Gigs at your listing description.
We Create Real, Quality Traffic To Your Fiverr Gigs, Services Or Stuff.
This way, you create links back to your Fiverr Gigs, get outsource traffic to them and gain visibility at Fiverr lists.
Advertise your gigs and get more exposure to them!
I will feature your Fiverr gig to get homepage views, impressions and clicks. This gig will most likely increase your gig sales. Your gig’s link will stay on the website for a year as long as your gig remains active and stays in good standing.
You will get a step by step guide to see how to take advantage of the website’s features and get the most visibility for any kind of stuff.
Build traffic, promote your Fiverr Gigs or Services for 1 year and let us feature and share them for 30 days to our social media.
Only At Fiverr.

Oct 24, 2016

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Promote And Advertise Your Marketing Link On My Websites

  • 5 Websites
  • 5 Months
  • 5 buyers(Better Choice Only) 
  • 5 Dollars

I will place your link on 5 of my personal website’s “POPULAR LINKS” pages for 5 months and CONGRATS TO THE FIRST 5 BUYERS WHO GOT THEIR LINK ADDED TO THE “HOME PAGES” OF THOSE 5 SITES!! All for $5

Your link can either be a URL or it can be clickable words of up to 200 characters

No porn, violence, or derogatory material allowed

I will place your link on 2 more of my personal webpages “POPULAR LINKS” pages and the first 5 buyers that purchases this will get their link on the home pages on those 2 AND popular links pages of all 7 websites for 5 months! $15

I will place your link on ALL sub pages on the 5 sites for 5 months….THAT’S 37 PAGES! $30

My sites, four of which have my own domains, have over 30,000 visitors and growing, and have around 50 visitors a day. I promote them at least every other day on social media sites.. I manually add them to other related websites at least once a week and put through a number of SEO sites..Contact me with questions.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

I look forward to working with you!

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Post Your Classifieds Ads On Top Ads Classified Websites

★★★ Classified Ads In Your Targeted Location by The Best Classified Ads Posting Service Provider To Get More visibility Of your business, Services, Buying & Selling Products, Jobs Or Your Website To the Millions Of People ★★★
Are you a busy person or struggling to promote your business? And looking for someone who can help you in your promotional activity?
Don’t worry!! I’m here to understand your needs and interested in working with you.


★ Ads on USA/UK/CA/AU website
★ Target location
★ All ads will be unique
★ Images supported ads
★ Maximum Backlinks Will Be Click-able
★ All ads 30-180 days visibility
Extra Benefits:-
★ Complete details of classified ads in excel sheet will be provided
★ Ads links in ads details will be provided


★ Ads Title
★ Ads Description
★ Ads Image
★ Target Country
★ Contact Name-Number
★ Website

Twitter Tweet Repost ads is also available

Note:- Before Place Your Order Please Contact Me to Post Out Of Mentioned Country


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Promote your music to over 62,000 google plus music lovers

I will post a link to your music on 7 different Google Plus communities related to indie music and music promotion. These communities have a combined member count of over 62,000! Think of the exposure you will get to help your music be heard by a large variety of music lovers.

I know how hard it is to get exposure to your music. I have several friends in the music industry so I hear from them about their struggles. If you are looking for more exposure, you are in the right place!

Let’s get your music heard by the masses!

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Do Magazine Advertisment and graphic design

I have great and lasting passion for graphic designing & Magazine Advertisement design and I’m offer the worst possible service, in order to satisfy my clients of India and abroad most.

List of Designing Services offer:

Label Design
Magazine Layout
Magazine Advertisement Design
Magazine Cover
Flex Banner
Logo 2D and 3D
Business card
eBook Cover
Mobile app screens
Background removal jobs
Graphic Jobs
100% satisfaction guaranteed

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